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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Apart from racism and language in these poems there is discrimination seen in both. First of all in Nothings Changed I think the racism links together with the discrimination. An example of how they are linked is shown by the use of glass. Like I said about racism that the glass acts as a barrier separating the white people from the black, the glass is used as other things as well. It is used to represent power, wealthy ness and mainly control, but its saying that T.A doesnt have power and control but is weak and powerless, he is being discriminated.

There are other details in the poem that show the different worlds of south Africa s District 6. For example there is rich and poor communities and here are some contrasts from the poem that show the difference between the rich and the poor. The food in the restaurants is very posh e.g. haute cuisine. The food in the caf¯¿½ is very basic e.g. bunny chows. These are the contrasts in Nothings changed that separate the rich community from the poor.

In the poem Half-Caste I think the racism links together with the discrimination just like in Nothings changed. The main thing here that I see that is discriminating is the word Half-Caste. The word Half Caste is used to discriminate people born of parents of different colour, it is now considered as insulting. So the word is used for racism because its against coloured people and its used for insulting people. In the poem Half-Caste the word is used a lot because it is used to help describe what John Agard is saying. When yu say half-caste yu mean Tchaikovsky sit down at dah piano an mix a black key wid a white key is a half-caste symphony. Here John Agard is sort of asking a question and saying is a half-caste a symphony when Tchaikovsky mixes a white key with a black. In other terms the symphony could be used to describe a half-caste as a different person who is nice because a symphony is a music note that sounds better when other keys are mixed together.

The final topic I am going to talk about is the culture in both poems and how the culture relates to the anger and frustration. In Half-Caste I think the poem is mainly directed against white people. I think this because the term Half-Caste is used against different coloured people meaning that white people who are racist would say it. The text is very angry meaning that J.A is being called half-caste and he is explaining what a half-caste is. The poem is against white people though because white people are accused of being racist.

In Nothings changed the culture is slightly different unlike Half-Caste. I would say that the culture in Nothings Changed is similar to the poem Half-caste because it is about white people again except the poem isnt against them its just about them. T.A had returned to District 6 only to find white people there and in the poem he explains about how they are here and how he is treated. I would say that the culture in this poem is about coloured people versus the white people and how they battle it out. But in the poem T.A uses angry language to describe how he feels about himself and the white people.

Now you have read all the topics hopefully you can see why these poems contain anger and frustration. It is because of the result of racism, discrimination, language and culture. Both the authors of the two poems used some kind of anger to describe how they felt by using the example of one of these topics.

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