North Koreas Cultural Landscape Essay

Published: 2020-02-08 12:32:30
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Traditionally North Korea is divided into two distinct regions eastern and western divided by the Nangnim Mountains. The eastern region is called Kwanbuk, and the western is called Kwanso. Most of the rural population lives in the coastal lowlands and river-valley plains where there are abundant resources for agriculture. Pyongyang is the capital and the largest city of North Korea followed by Hamhung. Other major urban centers are Chongjin, Nampo, and Sunchon. (Korea, North) The people of North Korea are ethnically homogenous; moreover the long isolation of the North Korea has also help preserving this homogeneity.

The only significant minority group in the country is Chinese. Korean is the only language spoken with its several vernaculars in different provinces and some of them are mutually unintelligible. The Korean society is mainly developed on the basis of Confucian thought. Buddhism is next to Confucianism in the country in importance. The ancient religion of Shamanism is nearly extinct in the region. (Korea, North) The places to visit in North Korea are the Capital city of Pyongyang itself. The city of 3. 5 million is the oldest city of the Korean peninsula and its presence is attested as back as late 2nd century BC.

Though the entire city was destroyed during the Sino Japanese war in the late 19th century and was further devastated in the Korean war, but there are still plenty of historic monuments and buildings present to indulge the tourists. Gaeseong is famous for its long history of fine craftsmanship. Other famous tourist sites include Mt. Baekdusan, Mt. Myohyangsan, Mt. Guweolsan and Gwail Districts. (Korea Tourism. org) Korean foods and cuisines mainly consist of seafood and mountain products. The main characteristic of Korean cuisines is their spiciness.

Kimchi is a famous Korean dish made from vegetable and served with pepper and garlic etc. Korean barbecue pulgoki is also a famous meat dish. (The Characteristics of Korean Foods) Comparison of Both Countries: Both Libya and North Korea are entirely different countries regarding their ethnic and demographic, as well and geographic composition. But surprisingly both countries have shown quite similar behavior and chosen similar paths in their modern history. Libya is a Mediterranean North African country with a mostly Muslim Arab-Berber population with strong historical influence of Arabs and Islam on it.

In contrast North Korea is a far eastern country, with an isolated and homogeneous Korean population with strong roots of Confucianism and Buddhism in its culture and society. Libya is rich in mineral resources like petroleum and natural gas, which are the bases of its strong economy and relatively better standard of living of its citizens. On the contrary though North Korea is not an arid region but it does lack those precious natural resources which Libya has, and have been facing famine and starvation of its citizens. Though Libya was has been facing a boycott from the United States and her allies and sanctions imposed by U.

N its strong economy and its good relations with the Arab and Muslim countries did not deteriorated its economic conditions to the worst degree. But North Korea was completely isolated for more than five decades, which resulted not only on a stagnant economy, but also reduced the production of crops and led to famine and starvation of North Koreans. But surprisingly both countries have been in the Soviet bloc during the cold war era and were bitterly anti-American and anti-Western. Though the Libyan government has taken a U turn in its policy, while the North Korean is also trying to get a way out of its mess.

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