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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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How can a person that grew up so poor, grow up to be a major control ? Well that is exactly the way Nicolae did it. Nicolae started getting in the Soviet Union, at a young age, and then getting involved. He was not a very nice man, and killed an estimated 5,000 people

Nicole Ceausescu was born on January, 26, 1918 in Scorniceti, Romania. He was the third child of ten.The Ceausescus were very poor, which lead to Nicole only getting a elementary education. Also because his family was poor, he was working by eleven, in one of the factories on the Bucharest landscape. In 1932 he joined the Romanias worker movement in 1932. In prison he met Gheorghe Gheorghiu- Deje

He first got involved in the Soviet Union in the Union of the Soviet Union Youth, and was raising in power fast. After this is he joined the communist party was arrested and sentenced to 30 months in Prison in their he met Gheorghe- Deje. Gheorghe helped him in going up the line of the communist party.

In 1944, the axis powers where losing ground Nicole escapes from prison, in less than a year Romania fell under communist rule, and he begin to rise in the communist party. In 1945 he made brigadier general, underneath Gheorghiu. Nicole was managing the communist parties structure. When Gheorgiu dies of cancer in 1965, he became president. In 1989 on December 25 he was shot and killed after a trial where he was found guilt.

In Conclusion, Nicole should have never been in control and I dont know why people trusted him, and he should have been killed when he escaped, if was shot then 5,000 people would have had the opportunity to leave their life.

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