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Published: 2020-01-24 07:40:42
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A newspaper is a periodical publication containing news regarding current events, informative articles, diverse features, editorials, and advertising. It usually is printed on relatively inexpensive, low-grade paper such as newsprint. By 2007, there were 6,580 daily newspapers in the world selling 395 million copies a day. General-interest newspapers typically publish stories on local and national political events and personalities, crime, business, entertainment, society and sports. Most traditional papers also feature an editorial page containing editorials written by an editor and columns that express the personal opinions of writers.

The newspaper is typically funded by paid subscriptions and advertising. A wide variety of material has been published in newspapers, including editorial opinions, criticism, persuasion and obituaries; entertainment features such as crosswords, sudoku and horoscopes; weather news and forecasts; advice, food and other columns; reviews of radio, movies, television, plays and restaurants; classified ads; display ads, radio and television listings, inserts from local merchants, editorial cartoons, and comic strips. History of news paper in India:

Newspaper appeared only after the invention of the printing press by Guttenberg. The India Gazette is the first newspaper in India. It was published in 1744, The first major newspaper in India”The Bengal Gazette”was started in 1780 under the British Raj.Arunudoi is the first printed-published magazine in Assam.


Newspapers typically meet four criteria: ¢ Publicity: Its contents are reasonably accessible to the public. ¢ Periodicity: It is published at regular intervals. ¢ Currency: Its information is up to date. ¢ Universality: It covers a range of topics. Influence on Public: Newspaper is a means of voicing the public opinion. Various items of news are published in a news paper. All kinds of people read it. Newspapers cater to the needs of various sections of society. A newspaper has great influence on society. It shapes public opinion and influences government policies and decisions. In a democratic society, they play the role of the guardian of the rights of the people. They serve as a link between the government and the people. They raise voice against the cruelties committed on the people. They reflect and mould the public opinions.

Influence on lawers, doctors, politician and business-person: Businessmen read newspapers and gather informations about trade and commerce in the country and abroad. Students and teachers come closer to each other through newspaper. Newspaper serves as a means of teaching and learning. Politicians find newspapers very useful for conveying their political vie to the masses. M.K. Gandhi edited the Young India expressed his views about the freedom of India. Lawyers come to know the cases of social and political injustice through newspaper. They express their opinion about those cases of injustice. .

Role of newspaper: Newspapers should be free from bias and partiality. They should not try to satisfy the political party in power. Newspapers should act as a strong opposition to strengthen democracy. Very often, true and honest reporters are tortured, insulted, terrorized and often killed by antisocial. Newspapers are often set to fire before they reach the readers. The newspaper influenced the people and all were united to fight independence. When news of corruption or crime published, the police become active. The Government also pays attention to the news in the newspaper. In case of public grievances, the Government sincerely tries to redress them. Flexibility and popularity of news paper:

Moreover, newspapers help in developing reading habits. There are many people who dont start their daily routine unless they go through the newspapers. There are candidates appearing in the various competitive examinations who regularly read the newspapers to keep themselves abreast of the current affairs. Newspapers have lots of materials to people of various tastes and choices. Even the aged and the ladies read the newspapers everyday as a matter of routine. Newspapers are affordable mass medium. Even people of low income can afford newspapers. The electronic media reflects the reality in uncensored manner which cause a severe damage in humanity and increase crime day by day.But this is purely absent in news paper. Editors and Yellow journalism:

Editors are bribed to write the wrong thing. Some politicians vomit their rage against some newspapers which expose their dishonesty. They try to close that newspaper and encourage another newspaper which will be conducive to their interest. At any cost, the editor of a newspaper must be honest and impartial. Freedom of the press is greatly essential.

Educative value of news paper: Newspapers have great educative value. Newspapers give us information about the happenings and developments taking place in any part of the world. They provide knowledge and information about things that happened in recent past News paper in Assam:

In Assam there are many newspapers today. Amar axom,Dainik Janambhumi,Axomia Pratidin,Dainik Agradut,Sadin,The Purbachal Prahari,Dainik jagaran are some of the Assamese newspapers which are published daily. People also read English newspapers such as The Assam Tribune, the Times of India, the Hindu, the Indian Express, the Telegraph, and the Asian Age etc. Some newspapers have morning edition and evening edition. Sometimes, a particular newspaper is published simultaneously in different parts of the country. Today newspapers are appreciated for the news about sports and films, news about share markets, matrimonial and opportunities.

Conclusion: Newspaper is an important object of modern civilization. It is most commonly accepted as a record of the current events.. The circulation of news paper has increased. It has become a mark of civilization. Newspapers are powerful means of communication. They are important medium of mass communication. They are good source of knowledge and information. They are found all over the world. Newspapers are published in many languages. Every morning we eagerly wait for the newspaper to come. Now a days the news paper is become the best and reliable media among the people. Newspapers play prominent role in a democracy. It should be free from the intervention of government. It should be fair in its reporting. Such a role of the newspapers and media is the crying need of the hour. Without newspapers we cannot know about the major events of the world. So we should cultivate a habit of reading newspapers.

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