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Bill Pope born in Bowling green, Kentucky, USA on 19th June 1952, he is a graduate from New York University with a master degree in fine art. While in university, he did many projects, he shot one of his best documentaries called The Sixth Week which was nominated and won the academy award for the best student documentary. After completing his study in the university, he started working on commercials and music videos for artist as Janet Jackson, Mick Jagger, Metallica Peter Gabriel, Chris Isaak and Motley Crue, among others.

His best work won awards in both categories. Since then he had baged many awards which include: 1996-Independent Spirit Awards Best Cinematography, 1999-British Academy of Film and Television and Best Cinematography He developed a passion in cinema and filmmaking. He is an award winning American cinematographer, known for his work on Sam Raimis films and the Matrix trilogy. He had work with film production personalities such as Wachowski Brothers, Robert Zemeck, Editor Zach Staenberg, production designer Owen Paterson, visual-effects supervisor John Gaeta and other.

Their collaboration has produced triumph works. Pope was nominated for the best cinematography for his work on Stings We ll be together tonight. Pope received an MTV award for Best Cinematography. His successive film credits include Clueless (1995) and the feature-length pilot for the ABC television series Maximum Bob (1998), which was directed by former cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld.

Since then he had been one of the most adored film directors of all time directing movies such as Janet Jackson: Design of the decade 1986-1996 which was produced in 1996, Bound (1996), Gridlocked (1997) and many other, many he played the role of the director of photography, these movies includes: Zero Effect (1998),Bedazzled (2000),The Matrix Reloaded (2003),Enter the Matrix (2003),The Matrix Revolutions (2003), Spider-Man 2 (2004),Team America: World Police (2004),Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006),Spider-Man 3 (2007) and the latest one which is the The Spirit (2008)

There are element which influences pope for example, the family, Rights and The Black Power Movements as Social Sculpture, Criminality, Experimental/Popular Music, class and color-caste relations the U. S. and many others. MODE OF PRODUCTION Spider man film series are the most financially successful film. The series include the spider man 3 which was the best film financially. The Spider-Man film series which consisted of three superhero films spider -man in 2002, spider man 2 in 2004 and spider man 3 in 2007, based on the fictional Marvel Comics character of the same name, which are portrayed by Tobey Maguire.

Its rights were purchased in 1985 and moved through various production companies and studios, at one point having James Cameron to direct, before being secured by Sony Pictures Entertainment. DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE Bill pope show interest in comic, fictitious and superhero films which he mostly direct. He been in the film industry almost two decade since late 1980s to now and he seem to be strong as the time goes, he had directed a movie like We ll be together tonight by Sting (a bit of Classical Hollywood Studio Era), matrix (Hollywood Renaissance) and spider man-3 (Blockbuster Era).

He had been a role model to many young directors would are interested in filmmaking arena. MISE EN SCENE Mise-en scene has evolved as a creative concept through the years in parallel with the evolution of film techniques and procedures. A filmmaker has to be carefully designing the composition and cinematic look of the material setting framed in the images added to their films. In cinematography affects there are mise en scene which means staging, which in French it means having been put into the scene.

This covers: Location, sets, props, Costumes, Lighting, and Movement within the frame and Sound. SOUND Sound is one of the main mise en scene which contributes to the quality of a cinema. Sound can be the priority aspect in a film; it goes in hand with the pictures. One cannot enjoy a film if either the sound or picture is not quality in the aspect of picture, the light comes in. The dialogue has to go well with the characters and match the time and place where the film is set. LIGHTING The lighting of a stage or plot is very essential when picture quality is concerned.

It draws viewer attention to an object on the screen. Long time ago lighting in holly wood was not mean to draw attention but to eliminate darkness in the picture but today lighting is used to add effects. There are three main aspects to lighting: ? Key lighting which is used to highlight a particular object it is also called the hard light ? Fill light which light up the bordered space overall ? Backlighting it alter and bring out silhouettes and are commonly used in horror films. ? Source light create different effects

? Low-key it gives sharp contrast and deep shadows. LOCATION The fundamental planning of a location, be it anywhere is very it correspond to the characters dress. It gives a lot of information about the persons that fit in it, and even what to take place. PROPS They are parts of the sets or as tools or object used by actors. Props obtain special significance when they are used to communicate characters thoughts and feelings, powers and abilities in the primary themes of the film. COSTUME AND MAKE UP Costume and make up serves three fuction in a film

? It supports scenic realism to reproduces as real as possible, while clothing and facial signifies time and place of living. ? They describe parts of character or actor personality. ? They act as narrative make, their change makes someone understand and follow the story line. DIGITAL CINEMATOGRAPHY Digital technology is widely spreading in all sectors. In cinematography, the recent release is the new generation 2/3-inch 3-imager HD acquisition technology. It uses single sensor systems based on variants of the 35mm image format and can also found in market place.

The promise of 4K in the NAB Digital Cinema Summit gathered global attention. They addressed issues concerning Hollywood and the global film industrys transition to digital technology. This panel represents those creating these exciting new technologies. There are many challenge cinematographer encounter, the cinematographer need to develop a system where stereoscopic movie making is enhanced by the use of new set of creative tools in 3D image capture. REFERENCES www. nationmaster. com/encyclopedia/List-of-noted-film-director-and-cinematographer-collaborations 237k Cached Similar pages

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