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Published: 2019-12-22 15:31:30
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The purpose of this message is to let others know about the company culture, process and procedures, as well as general information on the company for new hires. The general audience for the message will be consumers, competitors, perspective and new employees. Channels of communication will include pamphlets, a company website, email to current customers, employment agencies, and also a memo to new employees. The message to our audience will start as simple as an explanation of our companys culture. We want the audience to know that we are customer focused with a friendly atmosphere where customers always feel welcome and excited to visit. We are employee owned with a low turnover rate and we promote from within the company. We have a management in training program where those who express interest in management can learn every job we have in the company. Our company is a metal recycling company whose process is buying metals, excluding precious metals, processing the metals, and the final product will be sold to larger recycling companies for a profit.

We ensure that the metals are in the cleanest form to sell for the largest amount of profit. This process can include shredding of material, crushing of cars, removing plastics and trash, sorting of different metals, and packaging of materials to ship out. The process does not just include a buyer and a processer. It also includes managers to oversee the cleaning process, employees to package material, a cashier to pay customers, and office workers to perform everyday office functions. In order to keep costs at a minimum, there are as few employees as possible, but enough that employees do not get overwhelmed. Procedures are explained in detail when an employee starts the job. The line of communication is very open. We have an open door policy to ensure that employees are encouraged to give their input on how procedures can be changed in order to make the work more productive and make both customers and employees satisfied. Our management does not stay in an office all day, rather they are in the yard and warehouse running machinery, cleaning material themselves, and even unloading customers.

They are always involved with the workload of the day to ensure that employees feel that management is involved and working just hard as other employees. As stated earlier, our company is employee owned which gives us a large advantage when it comes to benefits. We offer to all full time employees some of the greatest benefits you will find in any company in Tulsa. Not only do we offer health and dental insurance, paid vacation, personal time off, and 401k, we also have an employee stock ownership program and profit sharing. We are self-insured with our health insurance and offer our own medical clinic with zero co-pays. You are 100 % vested in your 401k when you sign up and we contribute half of what you contribute, up to 6%.

Our company has been in business for 70 plus years and we continue to grow. It is only in your best interest to be employed by a company who has withstood a bad economy and continues to prosper. Our customers have been coming to us for generations and will continue to be this way for decades to come. We have the culture and mission to withstand the test of time and we hope you love us as much as we do.

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