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Published: 2020-02-13 10:52:07
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Wireless broadband Internet has gained more prominence among home users and small-scale businesses especially because in other setups say in legal and medical field, confidentiality is paramount and is a legal obligation. Any breach of this confidentiality is an offense. In addition, it provides inexpensive and relative speedy wireless Internet over a wider coverage area. Additionally, users expect more freedom and flexibility in using their portable computers, say at work, in the garden, and laptops hence wireless connection becomes more popular.

This technology has provided users with easy access to Internet and at the same time convenience as wireless broadband technology does not use telephone cables However at the same time, it has rendered peoples personal information vulnerable to access by other users. That is, almost anyone with a good laptop with wireless connection can interfere with other networks within range especially those that are not protected form unauthorized users. This paper presents a technical report on the use of wireless Internet in domestic broadband Internet solutions.

This investigation will address key areas such as how the technology works, security issues involved in the wireless Ethernet installation, implications of using wireless internet within the web based information system, configuration and setup issues, ways in which wireless internets can be made more secure and future solutions to the security concerns of wireless Ethernet internet. Introduction. The wireless networking technology operates in more or less the same way as the conventional LAN only without the physical wires. The personal computer has to have a wireless network card which is sort of an Ethernet adapter.

This makes the computer establish a connection with the service provider network. Depending on the model, an access port can support up to sixteen machines. The wireless broadband technology uses radio waves that transmit and receive data on air unlike the traditional cable and ADSL broadband that use telephone lines. (Shay, 1998) Basically, all one needs is a Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) in the building where one wants to get connected. In this area there has to be radio signals. In cases where there arent any in sight then multiple hubs may be installed to act as logical diverters of the radio signals.

A CPE comprises of NIU (Network Interface Units) which provide circuit emulation and internet data services. The Ethernet data services are simply mounted on top of the building where the Internet is being installed i. e. the transceiver and the antennae unit. The advantage of wireless broadband technology is that they are fast and more reliable than the others with up to 256kbps speeds (Tanenbaum, 2002) Wireless broadband networks transmit data to towers hosted by the service provider, which then the NUI and the Ethernet data services then pick up and deliver to a users personal computer or laptop.

Wireless connections use DHCP (digital host configuration protocol) which assigns the IP address without the intervention of the configuration from the network administrator or the intervention of the user. The wireless broadband technology also uses modems just like the ADSL and traditional cables only that in wireless broadband connections the modem has an inbuilt antennae which links your computer to the nearest service provider tower (Spainhour & Eckstein, 2003)

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