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Published: 2020-02-22 05:42:02
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The outdoors is my escape from the social world. The outdoors has always been a peaceful way to for me to relax and be myself. Mother Nature helps out when I need some time to think and be on my own. The quiet and calmness is what gets to me the most while Im out there exploring the woods, whether it be hunting, fishing or just taking a walk. The outdoors has always been a peaceful and stress relieving way for me to relax and be who I am. Mother Nature helps me out when I just need to get away and have some time to think on my own.

The quiet and calmness is what gets to me the most while Im out there exploring the woods whether it be while Im hunting, fishing, or just taking a walk. I was raised in a family that has the same belief about the wilderness. My parents and grandparents have shown me the ways of the outdoors and I have learned many lessons for life from both my parents and while Im in the outdoors. I believe that the outdoors is a way of connection to family and friends and the wildlife that lives inside it. I have spent most my life hunting and fishing because thats who I am.

I have learned many lessons while I have spent numerous hours in the woods, such as how to track wild life, what plants not to touch so I dont get poison ivy, and what wild berries I can eat without getting sick. Over time these could be very successful traits to have in case of an emergency that could happen in the future. The traits would also be a valuable thing to pass along to my children in the future. Patience is a trait that is always learned in the outdoors. The time you have while youre sitting in the woods hunting for wild game is hard to describe.

Youre in the woods before the sun rises and dont come out until the sun comes down. You must to have patience to wait for that trophy deer to come along for that perfect chance. Another lesson you learn while youre in the woods is determination. Some days I may not even see a single bird or squirrel in a tree while Im sitting there for numerous hours. But I wont give up just because I had a bad day in the woods.

At any moment the woods could come alive and you start seeing the tons of movement, the birds will start chirping, squirrels barking, and the snapping of twigs and crackling of leaves as the deer start walking. The outdoors is a wonderful cure for people who need that little time to just be alone or get their minds off something and think.

I know when Im in the woods it gives me a lot of time to think about anything. I go hunting on the weekends most of the time because I have school during the week, so when I have reading for homework or if I have to brainstorm some ideas for an essay that I have to write in English, I can concentrate on my homework and not have any distractions to keep me off track of my studies.

The outdoors has been one of the most relaxing places for me to do what I love most, which is hunt and fish. I just thank Mother Nature for giving me a place to go. The quiet and calmness is what gets to me the most while Im out there hunting for the trophy whitetail or fishing for the eight pound bass. This I believe is why I think the outdoors is a wonderful thing for anyone who needs some relaxing time and get away.


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