Native Americans vs Colonists Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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To begin with, colonists were certainly in disagreement with Native Americans. While native, the colonists claimed that they achieve real estate fairly; it was absolutely the Native Americans that were ahead of the game, Native Americans at the beginning were abused in the midst of the process to selling or buying land. In the meantime, colonists made use of the opportunity they were given, to give the Native Americans flammable liquid, knowing that the Native Americans would be intoxicated.

Colonists said that they had mislaid many square miles of property through mediation, colonists said they have done they Native Americans no wrong at all. Furthermore, Native Americans told them their biz and nevertheless, Native Americans and the colonist took a load off together, they had nothing to hide , they laid it all on the table, they played there cards right. However, they just had to say that they had been the first in doing well to the English, and the English were the first in doing wrong. Regardless of the spin and turning of official policy.

In the singing of treaties between colonists traditional low down for denying the fact that native Americans had their own conceptualization of private property and were deceit into celling property, and for the fact that whites believed the native indweller had no real claim to land ownership. It was not easy to guesstimate the percentage of the total Native Americans shut off by this hazardous disease. In addition, the Native Americans as it spread through numerous preachers and revivals; confederation was highly regarded than it had ever been effectuated in days gone by in the colonies.

Native Americans are indigenous citizens, diseases took an enormous effect on Native Americans which had caused them to have diseases such as, small pox and measles Defenders they fall to their knees. In a like manner, Native Americans had helped the colonists in many ways when they were going through difficult times and through disastrous times as well. Also, Native Americans wanted everyone to stand strong, in unity and to have justice for all. Most importantly they wanted peace, and that was not too much to ask for.

Nevertheless, colonists agreed that fighting was the worst thing to do, but they are way better than just doing something like that. They just wanted to ask for what they needed politely, not in a bad or rude manner. Native Americans tried to settle everything in a good way so they sign a peace treaty with the colonists, in which the colonists had agreed with them because , they wanted everyone to have equal rights between one another, this included things such as if any did unjustly war against him, they would aid him; if any did war against them.

He should aid them. In that case things can better between the two colonies and bad things and arguments can be laid to rest once and for all. In conclusion, it is understandable why the colonist may say that native Americans did them wrong, but yet still native Americans were the first to stand before them and try to save their lifes in many ways that they possible could, they even sign a peace treaty, they did not try to hide anything at all behind their backs, they said it just the way it should be said and as they say the good shall suffer for the bad.

Native Americans was not perfect they did there wrong as well. On the other hand, Native Americans force colonist to do certain things they probably didnt want to agree to for instance, for trying to force the Indians to observe the laws of theirs and regardless of whatever happened between the native Americans were the last one standing they were brave , strong , but just remember that when colonists had grew weak, native Americans they had compassion on colonists and helped them.

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