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Published: 2019-12-31 14:21:09
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Since I had started school and writing composition, I have had experiences that either was good or bad. But at the end these experience helped me through my next and future years of school and college. One of the incidents that most marked my writing experience was in sophomore year. The prompt was doing a resume for college, and I actually did or tried my best, but then again the result wasnt so good. The resume was almost completely marked by red writings, of my grammar.

All though the professor gave us many opportunities to make it right, every time I got it back it seems as if nothing had change. And it was then that I realized I havent had done some things right. I learned two things not to stress and always have my ideas on the same topic. Through this experience what has helped me the most in other assignments was not to over stress. When I remember back to that event, I see myself over reacting and stressing out, thinking whether that resume was making sense.

I would stress so much, to the point that I would spend hours just thinking of how to start my first paragraph. When knew I should have start by thinking of my ideas, writing them in paper, and then modifying them in a paragraph. It showed me that by doing these I wrote faster my paragraphs, ending my work faster.

These knowledge improve my way of writing a resume and any other type of writing work.      Another skill these experience taught me was to never let my ideas go off topic. I remember that resume had side notes saying that my ideas were not connected and were off topic. So since that day I tried to keep my writing on the same topic . My resume didnt make sense because I sometimes got my ideas mixed and wrote them in the wrong order. Which most of the time made my resume to not make sense.

This experience also taught me to always sound myself and not try to hard using fancy words, which as a result let to paragraphs without any meaning. Some of these intellectual words were hard to find when writing and knowing what kind of audience was going to read my resume.      In all these bad experiences as someones will say, taught me that we are not always going to have a perfect paragraph. That we need practice and patience to do our best on the writings assignments.

These experience also showed me to be more confident on how I write and on what Im trying to say. At the end either good or bad this experience taught me a lesson that I know will help me all this years to come. And after this lesson learned was something
is going to be on my mind and I will know what to do on the next

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