My Special Circumstance Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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I first came to the U. S at the age of twelve 6 years ago in April 2005 from Somalia to the state of Minnesota. I came here not knowing the English language or the alphabet. I really had a hard time in school; especially the first day of school. I didnt know how to talk to my teachers or classmates. I only answered questions by saying yes or no and by nodding my head. That was my only way of communicating. Then my mom hired a tutor that can help me learn the language and be able to keep up with the other students.

He was tutoring me 3 days a week and was helping me with my ESL classes. Even though I was taking ESL classes, I was still having difficulties adapting to school. Little by little, it seemed that my English was getting better and so were my grades in school. I wasnt that much behind my classmates, but my classmates were still ahead of me. In my 3rd year of taking ESL classes, my counselor told me that I didnt need to take those classes anymore and that my English improved stunningly in just 3 years.

I was able to take regular classes with regular students and didnt need a tutor anymore. When I started taking classes, I was scoring higher on tests than my classmates. In Math, students were asking me to help them solve problems they couldnt understand. In a short amount of time, I became one of the top students in class. I was one of those who other students expected to pass a test and score the highest. Once, I was ranked 6th in a class of 30 students. That was my junior year in high school. After that, I applied for a program called Genesys Works.

It provides training for a period of 8 weeks during the summer before your senior in both professional and IT skills. At the beginning of your senior year, youll be working in a company such as Accenture or 3M as an intern. I was able to succeed in the program and earn an internship at Best Buy Accenture and at the same time they help you apply to colleges and scholarships. My future plan is to graduate high school and attend the University of Minnesota and gain a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering.

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