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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Above anything else, I still think that the most ambiguous term, concept, and thing in the world aside from its existence is life. A persons life can be the most difficult thing to describe, to define, to expound, and to measure. It will always be very challenging for an individual to summarize his of her entire life in nothing but words that do not even measure up to lifes vague beauty, wonders, and mysteries. But in the very best way that I can, combining everything I learned from writing, recounting history, and expressing my thoughts, I shall try to tell you what and how my life is so far.

I will choose to tell how my life was in the past, what it is like now, and how I envision it to become in the future in my own tone and perspective. Simplicity is a very relative and subjective term. Some would associate this term with peace and serenity, but I would rather connect it with the ideas of non-extravagant beauty and non-chaotic momentum. And so, I would rather call my life a simple one in this sense. As for my childhood, I realized that this phase is not a completely natural incident and event which happens to everyone.

In one way or another, and at least in my own life, I have come to understand that having a childhood is also partly an individual choice that people have to make. More importantly, having a happy childhood is the greater choice which people have to decide on whether they would have it or not. With regard to my own, I chose having a childhood and a worthwhile one. Twenty-three years ago, I cried meaningfully on the [insert date of birth; ex: 25th of December, 1986] which told my parents that I am already existing as a person.

Throughout my entire childhood, I cried for various reasons ” whenever I got hurt, got disappointed, felt sad, felt annoyed, and felt overwhelmingly happy. All these cries, my life proved, are part of growing up. In my lifes context, these things made me realize that I am but a human being who feels and learns to express what he feels whenever he feels the need for it. Growing up in Turkey, I can say that my past is as colorful and vibrant as my country.

My mind never ran out of iridescent and crazy ideas when I was going through my primary and secondary levels of education. I think I owe to my parents the considerable amount of effort they had to sacrifice in order to give me and my one and only sister the kind of education which we can both be proud of. My heart never skipped a beat as it vigorously lived with the glorious days of my childhood and adolescent years when I felt like I was the most powerful and liberated man that God has ever created.

In a nutshell, my childhood is something I would always want to reminisce over and over again. And so, I rekindle that vibrant feeling every now and then, especially now that I write this chronicle of my life. Excellence and being well-molded never fascinated me until my parents, together with my mentors at the previous schools that I attended, injected into my consciousness the significance of education to an individuals betterment.

I think that it safe to say that generally, young people dislike going to school very much; however, it was during those days, when I was on the verge of hating school, when I started to realize that education is actually the strongest foundation I could ever have that will equip me with the skills and knowledge to become a competent person in the future. As an average person who grew up with his parents in Istanbul, Turkey and who is still spending his days as a university student under the custody of his parents, I can say that I now have a considerably complete idea of what being a well-molded individual is like.

Upon seeing and knowing successful people around me, I have to realize that all their authority, wealth, honor, valor come from a sufficient amount of education and dedication to it. But for me, aside from this, one thing which also aids in creating a well-molded individual in each person is his or her choice of submitting and staying under the guidance of his of her parents, for no parent shall wish for his or her child to go astray.

And so, I chose to stay aligned with my parents guidance and proved to myself that indeed, parents have the innate ability to know the best and only the best for their children. I have never learned and realized the power of material things. I may have become fascinated with some, but one of the most amazing and valuable things I have learned in my life is that most of the things that can actually give true happiness to people are the intangible things that money cannot purchase in anyway.

In several instances, I have also experienced the most typical emotional and psychological milestones that a human being goes through in life. As I entered adulthood, I have realized the value of true friendship and the value of having a special person caring for me. I have also been able to go through several rites of passage that defined my membership to the so called in-circles in my youth. Many times I fell hard and stood up again, never surrendering to the most miserable heartbreaks yet the most meaningful lessons that I can consider indispensable for the rest of my life.

Truly, no material form of wealth and luxury can ever compare to the most special things that I regard as my greatest achievements in my life so far; and these include my self-dignity, the seemingly everlasting friendship that I share with my peers, the love I constantly receive from the people around me, and the bright future that shines ahead of me in this point of my life. I chose to value these intangible treasures that will last longer than me and than the ones that will fade after I passed. Yet, no matter how colorful or pleasant my writing will turn out to be, I also believe that life is not always a bed of roses.

For several instances, I have received harsh criticisms from people who tried to judge me from a far and tried to measure me as a person without knowing me completely. I have faced several failures that brought me serious humiliation and deep self-disappointment. I also have failed to live up to other peoples expectations a number of times. At one point, I thought these falls were bound to identify and label me as an individual and as a man. But my hopes, aspirations, and visions inside of me that have been kept hidden behind these failures always manage to float above everything else and take over my consciousness.

Thus, I chose to believe that I as an individual can only be judged and measured according to how strong and triumphant I succeeded after a fall and not by how hard I fell flat on the ground. I chose to tell you this tale of my life in my endeavor to give myself a hint on how I would want to envision myself in the future. If there is one thing this chronicle has taught me and made me understand about myself, it is that my life is truly made up of great choices, and each choice is a fruit of a trial-and-error process of learning.

Right now, the life of being a university student is giving me all the positive thoughts of what my life ahead would become. I could be successful like todays powerful and affluent people, yes I can say, but I would choose to follow this tale and make a success story of my own, keeping in mind all the vibrant memories I have had from my childhood, all the valuable lectures my parents and my mentors taught me, the inspiration that my sister, my friends, and loved ones gave me, and the indispensable lessons my failures made me realize.

Most especially, I would choose to remember my own ambiguous yet insightful definition of what my life is right now and what it will be tomorrow. Thus, I would still choose, and in the future, I know there will still be more choices to make, but I guess that is what life is to me basically ” a never-ending ball of choices which define who we are.

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