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Published: 2019-10-10 12:36:01
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hobby is different from work. A hobby is pursued during leisure. It gives relief from boredom and refreshes the mind after tiring physical or mental work. Hobbies differ from person to person. Manual workers may like to study books or magazines after hard physical work. Intel¬lectual workers may give rest to their minds by playing some light game like badminton or tennis. Many people take interest in gar¬dening, photography, seeing movies etc. during their leisure time. My hobby, how¬ever, is collecting notes, I am aware that a hobby is pursued mainly neither for earning money nor for adding to ones knowledge nor for gaining popularity. There is absolutely no selfish motive involved in a hobby. The main pur¬pose of the hobby is just pleasure through recreation. Money, knowledge, popularity and such other gains are only by-products of the hobby. Secondly, a hobby is not intended to take precedence over work. It is only complementary to work.

It provides new energy to our mind and limbs to do more and better work. I selected collecting notes as my hobby just by chance when I received money from my relatives living in foreign countries. Very colorful and descriptive. They are made from different colours and also different materials.Also the numbers on the notes enamored me such that I decided to have note-collecting as my hobby. Now I exchange notes with my friends and make purchases even in the market. it helps me in collecting notes of different countries and of different numbers I have with me about fine hundred notes of various countries and numbers. Most of the otes are of rare variety and my friends who see them are all praise for them. They are arranged in a number of albums in a very systematic manner. They tell us about dif¬ferent personages, flora and fauna, histori¬cal events, achievements in the scientific and other fields of various countries etc. Some of them denote some festivals or great or important days like I love to see them off and on.

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