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Published: 2020-02-14 22:22:39
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One favorite place from my childhood that I remember is my grandparents house. My grandparents House is also the perfect vacation spot. I have many wonderful childhood memories of all the fun activities my family and I did there. To begin, it has a marvelous location. My grandparents house is in St Peters burg FL, beaches. The house is very near to the beach: For that reason you can smell the ocean as soon as you walk outside. It is surrounded by beautiful palm trees and a huge back yard with a pool looking right out to the Gulf of Mexico. You can sometime see flamingos in the distance. Theirs a view from all of the windows, you can see as far as the eye will let u see.

Also, my sisters and I could usually see the dolphins in the early morning from the windows. My grandparents always planned a lot of activities to keep us busy. We would usually go to the beach every morning play in the warm Gulf of Mexico water. I could walk out a mile and would only reach my waste. We played a lot of board games staying up half the night playing scramble or canasta. When the weather cooled some night we would go to the bad yard and bbq and sit buy the fire pit. I remember one year we all piled in the car and drove three hours to Universal studios. The Beach near my grandparents house is amazing. It is though youre in your own tropical Island.

As soon as I get on the beach it feels all of my obligations are suddenly erased. It is usually a perfect 75 degrees. Im taken in by the soothing atmosphere u can sit all day under umbrella and soak up the sun. The sounds of the ocean comfort me. The ocean is crystal blue and once youre in it feels like bath water. The white sand goes on for miles with a few palm trees blowing in the wind. We would sometimes sit there and watch the sunset it is amazing to watch the sky lights up fiery pink. The nights on the beach are always warm and come alive with music, people and dancing.

This beautiful beach location and my grandparents home left indelible marks in my minds. The amusing time that we passed there is unforgettable the love and childhood excitement of going their every summer is priceless. I know get to share this experience with my children to make new magical memories. My grandparents house was in my memory as the most favorite place that visited during my childhood and now as adult, to me the perfect vacation spot.

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