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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Category: To Kill a Mockingbird

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By Jem Finch

At first, I thought Atticus was just a feeble, old man. He never took part in anything interesting; he didnt play poker, stayed in an office, and didnt go hunting or fishing like all the other men in town. He was never too tired to play keep-away, but when I asked if we could play tackle, hed tell me: Im too old for that, son. Whenever there was a football competition, he always told me he was too old for that too. All the other fathers went to it an all my father ever did was wear his glasses and read.

I was embarrassed by him. Though, my whole opinion changed since the incident with the mad dog and the court hearing with Tom Robinson. I was flabbergasted! Miss Maudie said back in Atticus time, he was the deadest shot in town. They called him one-shot Finch and I couldnt believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. I saw him differently then. I was most eager to brag about it too. But it wasnt just the way he handled the gun that impressed me, it was also cause of his modesty. I could tell Scout hadnt realised it, but Atticus never said a word about his marksmanship.

I liked that part of him. I also liked his defence for Mr Robinson. Everyone had been against him for defending a coloured person, but Atticus held his head high. He provided an awful good argument too. I appreciated Atticus efforts and grew to respect him. He had taught me that true courage wasnt a man behind a gun, but its when you keep on fighting even if you know youd lose. I wished I could be more like my father. Then I could become a lawyer too. I figured I wouldnt care if he couldnt do a single blessed thing. Atticus is a gentlemen, just like me!

By Charles Baker Harris

I am real proud of my father. He did so many things for the country I can hardly remember them all. At one time he fought in a war to keep the other countries from invading us. Every now and then hed show me his collection of the tags he took from the soldiers he killed, and the medals he had earned for his acts of bravery. But that wasnt all he did. He did other things too. When he had time, he would go fishing and hunting with me. Once, we caught a fish so big it didnt fit in the boat and we had to get a ship to drag it ashore.

The other day he picked me up from his aeroplane and drove me all round the country. I could see all the houses from there. They were about the size of an ant and were nothing compared to the house my father had bought me. He was also the president at one time. Thats why hes always got so much money. But I didnt like how his job took up so much of his time. He couldnt allocate any time to play with me then. Apparently he had more important things to do and he couldnt go hunting with me no more.

I didnt like that. Thats why I decided to run off to Maycomb County to live with aunt Rachel. I thought itd show him that he needed to spend more time with me. I met Jem and scout down at Maycomb County. Their father was called Atticus I think. But he wasnt anything like my father; all he ever did was read all day. He was a boring person and werent any fun at all. I didnt know how Jem and Scout got on with him. Seeing Atticus only reminded me of how great my father was. Maybe, in the summer, Ill return to Washington and see my father again.

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