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Published: 2020-01-01 22:21:52
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I am going to make my background yellow and orange because theyre both bright colours so the writing would stand out. I am not going to choose contrasting colours because I think contrasting colours would be more suitable for a younger audience and I am targeting the older audience. I also think contrasting colours are harsh on the eyes.

For the title, I am going to use word art so it would be eye catching and attractive. I will change the colours of the title so matches the colour off the background. Im not making it exactly the same as the background because if I did, it wouldnt stand out.

I will use some pictures from clip art to make my website look more interesting. The pictures are going to be relevant to the website. I am also going to use the pictures that were given to me which were photos of the festival itself. These pictures will give the viewers a clearer image of the festival and show them how fun the festival will be.

I will make hyperlinks for the website so the viewers would be able to view the other pages of the website. I will check to see if they work by previewing the website and clicking on the hyperlinks. Im going to make my hyperlinks in the same place on every page. Im going to put it at the bottom of the web pages so that it encourages the reader to read the page first before going back to the homepage.

For my subheadings, I will underline them and make the writing bigger. This will make it stand out and the audience would know what the following information is about.

All the information I am going to use on the website was given to me. On each page, I will try to use some writing and some pictures on each page so it doesnt look boring.

On some of my pages, I am going to fill in the text box with a dark orange colour so the text, which is a light colour, would stand out.

On my Festival Events page, I will make the word free for the events that are free bold so the audience would be attracted to it and encouraged to read on.

Finally, I will test all the hyperlinks to see if they work and make sure my website does exactly what the user wants. I will show that my hyperlinks work by using annotated screen shots. I will also use a testing table to show my tests.

I made the page bigger because I couldnt fit in all of the information in on one of my pages.

The Features of Publisher

There are many features of publisher that makes it useful for me to make my website on. Microsoft Publisher is good for making websites because it has a wizard to help you with it. There are different publications by wizard to choose from. It also has Publisher- designed Web sites from the catalogue but there are also blank ones for you to start from scratch.

The website wizard allows you to customize your web page by:

Changing the colour scheme or changing the background colour or texture.

Adding a navigation bar

Add web pages

When making a website, Publisher also allows you to add:

* Hyperlinks, hot spots, and form controls for user response which allows the viewer to easily navigate around the website

* Design Gallery objects, including mastheads, sidebars, and pull quotes

* Clip art gallery, including animated GIFs which make the website more interesting and friendly

* Adding graphics and animated GIFs

Publisher is suitable for me to make my website because:

* I can easily add pages and browse though them which makes managing the pages easier. Also, I can easily copy things from one page to another and make sure the pages have a consistent design.

* It has a many wizards to choose from so I can get the right template I want which is website.

* I am able to preview the website in a browser so I can see how it will be seen to other people.

* I am able to rearrange text boxes and pictures around the page to make it look the way I want.

* I can choose which font I want to use and which colours are on the page to make the website attractive and appeal to its audience.

* I can change the colour scheme of the background to make the colour more suitable for my audience and make the website look more eye-catching.

* I can insert pictures from file and clip art to make my web pages look nice.

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