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Published: 2019-12-23 07:01:19
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My ambition in life has always kept changing frequently, like as a dancer, as an artist, a writer or a doctor since I like biology . But I have realized that by just liking something that is related to it cannot assure someone to become that. Every ambition has so many fields to look through to achieve. One may not be successful in all the related paths but can be in at least a few. But now I feel its time for me to have a particular goal to reach. I dont want to be focused completely on it but also want to be flexible at the same time.

At home my father always dreams of me becoming a scientist like him, for thats natural. But if anyone asks me now, about my ambition, may be its for sure I would like to tell I would become a scientist. This is not because my family wants it or because of their view, its because I have seen how life changes with a job like this. I always think of doing something different from others so that I am being recognized and also to do something new and worthy. A scientist lives with all reality. There is nothing better.

I would love to work for the countrys development and to retain its prestige. As far as I have seen, I know that a scientist job would do better for me to do this. I dont want to be just a scientist but also a researcher. A work becomes a research when one does something which is not known to the person doing which brings out wonders. I would like to learn every moment rather to do what others have done. It may be a hard job to do, but I like being complex. I want to work with others view to improve or invent something that is needed by the world.

On a daily basis, I see my fathers work as a scientist or as a researcher discovering something that is unusual. Every day becomes a day to solve problems This very much surprises me . It also wont be wrong to say that his works, deep involvement, seriousness, ect have actually put an impact on me. I would rather say, he has influenced me to carve out my future. I now dream to get into the field of my father and would put in a complete contribution to achieve my goal, by also having a complete support from my family .

By becoming a scientist I will not only fulfill my parents dream but also can fulfill my wishes to live in my own way, with my own ideas like a free bird. I also wish to become a role modal to the rest of the world. The value of achievement lies in achieving. But at the same time I remember that it needs lot of work from now, only then can I turn a dream into reality. Sincere hard work always fetches. It may not just be a proud moment for me, but also for my parents and for my country. The will to succeed can overcome greatest adversity. So, my ambition to become a scientist begins or has already begun.

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