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The ethnographic study provided in the article illustrates the manner in which programming of MTV India is understood. It has looked at the issue in a comprehensive manner and is thus a strong article from a well carried out study. The essay therefore affirms the locals primacy and MTV is perceived to offer a space that is empowering, for the middle class young women. The essay has provided some quality background and historical information on womens role in various traditional versions of the Indian ideological and nationalism constraints they currently face.

Such historical and background information is very essential as it has provided a sound base on which the essay is founded on (CULLITY, AND YOUNGER, para 1). Article critique The essay is based on a study in which several interviews with the relevant stakeholders in the Indian media industry was carried out. Some of the stakeholders interviewed include feminist activists and scholars, feminist media professionals, television producers based in both Mumbai and Delhi and members of democratic association of Indian women. The essay is based on the responses received from such interviews.

The essay is thus strong and credible since the individuals and organizations that were interviewed represent a broad section of the Indian media fraternity. Such a broad inclusion of various stakeholders has enabled the author to look at the issue at hand in a comprehensive manner. Therefore, the essay is credible as it reflects a wide range of perspectives from the relevant and most important stakeholders within Indian media industry (CULLITY, AND YOUNGER, para 2). The essay has also included a deep textual analysis of some chosen programming.

Moreover, it has incorporated results from some qualitative surveys carried out on women students of Jawaharlal Nehru University. The application of such textual analysis as well as the use of the qualitative surveys has significantly enabled the author to eliminate any chances of subjectivity, which may have affected the results of the essay. Apart from providing the much needed theoretical perspective for the study, the qualitative analysis combined with the textual analysis has also introduced the concept of objectivity in developing the hypothesis and objectives of the essay (CULLITY, AND YOUNGER, para, 4).

Bearing in mind that MTV is a global channel, the study was carried out in a manner that allowed the researchers to maintain a global outlook while at the same time focusing more on the Indian market. In doing so, the essay has looked at global factors that are likely or have affected the operations of MTV in India. Focusing on the Asian media industry alone would have greatly limited the findings of this study. Effects would have primarily resulted from the fact that MTV is a global media house and is global parameters in the industry, have an impact on it either directly or indirectly.

However, the study was able to address such impacts by looking at both the local as well as the international parameters affecting MTVs operations in India. The article is thus quite strong as it has been able to deal with the issue at hand, from a global perspective. It has thus reduced and possibly eliminated several limitations which could have resulted from only looking at MTV in India (CULLITY, AND YOUNGER, para, 5). Conclusion The essay is very strong based since the people who were interviewed before it was written are not only relevant but they also represent a broad section of the Indian media industry.

Its findings have also made it to be credible since they are based on analysis that was carried out in an objective manner. The essay made use of qualitative techniques as well as textual analysis, which had the effects of increasing objectivity of the essays results. The essay has also introduced a global perspective which is very useful in carrying out a study of a multinational such as MTV. Work cited: CULLITY, JOCELYN AND PRAKASH YOUNGER: Sex Appeal and Cultural Liberty, 2004, A Journal article of women studies, Vol. 25

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