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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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From this quote it is clear that Pip assumes Miss Havisham is to make his fortune, finally his dream is becoming a reality he is now anticipating what his future may hold. In addition to the apparent link of Mr Jaggers to Miss Havisham, he informs Pip that he will be staying in London with Mr Matthew Pocket, another relation of Miss Havishams. Pip was delighted at the prospect of leaving the forge to move to better things, but felt slightly guilty for abandoning Joe; however, Joe encouraged his departure, wishing the best for him.

Throughout his stay in London, Pip began to learn the traits of becoming a gentleman. Over a course of time he had transformed from a mere apprentice black smith, into a respectable legible young man, gragually beginning to lose touch with his past life at the forge. On an occasion when Joe came to visit him, Joe appeared to feel rather uncomfortable with in Pips presence, no longer knowing as he had been, but now as a gentleman, with new found airs and graces. Of course he was deeply happy for Pip and admired him for all he had achieved, but he could not hide his hurt and disappointment that they both now clearly had a rather different social status.

Pip was aware that he him self had changed, and began to reflect upon his expectations. Their influence on my own character, I disguised from my recognition as much as possible, but I knew very well that it was not all good. He has acknowledged his change in character, and is aware that although he has been successful in achieving his own expectations, that he had long for desired he was also aware that he preferred to be in denial as to his new undesirable traits. He explains this by saying, I disguised from my recognition as much as possible

Now that he has new goals to strive for in his life, opportunities and a whole new social status, his conscience haunts him, reminding him that he has been quick to forget those who matter and cast them aside with ease. Without warning, long after Pip has become comfortable with his new life style, he receives a visit from an elderly gentleman. Pip is unable to recognise him, but is shocked to discover that he is an escaped convict, Magwitch whom Pip had helped as a young child, by bringing him food and not betraying him. He is astonished to be informed that as a repayment, it was the convict whom had been his benefactor, and not the suspected Miss Havisham as he had been lead to believe.

This is an extraordinary twist in the book, but a truly successful one, which is not divulged until the last moment. I appreciate how Pip had been lead to think Miss Havisham as his benefactor throughout, as their were multiple connections with her and her family and she never revealed to him the true source of his fortune, but instead kept him alight with the possibility that it maybe her, throughout his childhood. As an audience, we watched Pip develop from an insecure child, achieving his goals and dream of becoming a true gentleman, showing us how it is easy to become absorbed in the effects of wealth and social status, without realising the true source of our achievements.

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