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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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This report is containing information that will have my recommendations to conduct a work analysis for Moosehead University.


The following is the list of Stakeholders that I will be advising with the following job analysis.

Dr. Melinda Mucabout, Moosehead University, Vice-President of Administration. Dr. Mucabout contacted me to conduct a job analysis from a professional standpoint.

Ministry of Universities is another stakeholder involved in this case.

Deputy Minister is a stakeholder involved that will cut funding to Moosehead University if a performance indicators is not implemented in six months.

Stakeholders such as the taxpayers, politicians and civil servants also will be advised of the following report.

There will following steps to restore Moosehead University:

The indicated methods and techniques that I recommend to Moosehead University will further the academy for full time faculty members present and future.

The action that I will be using is the SWOT analysis-Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for each faculty member that will be associated with Moosehead University. The SWOT analysis will help identify the right candidate for each position held at Moosehead University.

SWOT Analysis:

The strengths that I reviewed for Moosehead University are that the current reputation of the school is at a prestige level. -Moosehead University offers a wide range of programs and courses to students. -The University is funded by the provincial Ministry of Universities.

-Main concern is not implementing performance indicators for the universitys faculty members and professors. -Need to improve the teaching, job performances and obtaining accountability from all provincial universities. -There needs to be separate jobs for the full time faculty members, their duties need to be broken down and make those employable for new staff, this will give the faculty members more time to address improving the education. -The need for more funding support for faculty members to provide better education to their students.

-To achieve developing job performances for full time faculty members. -Maintain the budget for the university from the funder.
-Make Moosehead Universitys reputations excel in all departments of the campus. -Provide the taxpayers, politicians and civil servants an outline of details to succeed with improving the teaching, job performances of faculty members and accountability. -Increase the prestige and visibility to Moosehead University campus.

-Budget to employ new staff for Moosehead University. If the budget cannot
be increased or stabilized for new and present staff, then we have to focus on the duties set out for each full time faculty member. -Losing the funding from the provincial Ministry for Universities. -Not having the proper tools needed to teach certain courses.

There will following steps to restore Moosehead University: (cont.)

I will be reviewing the internal and external employees and future personnel with Moosehead University to find the proper suited person for each position at the university.

The reviewing of the staff associated with Moosehead University needs to be increased; there are an excessive amount of duties that each full time faculty member has to endure. The jobs the members are expected to do are not allowing them to excel in their teaching to the students. The duties need to be revised to minimal responsibilities so the faculty members can focus on the education. The main priority is maintaining the degree of teaching to the students. Two jobs can be addressed:

1)Research and Scholarly Activities Department:
The employee for this department must know the teachers course outline so the research can be thoroughly achieved. Must also be knowledgeable with the history of theater, art galleries, magazines, journals and literature for the faculty member. Another duty for this employee would have to have good speaking skills and be a team member with the professors of the university, so that they could do presentations and offer professional expertise to groups within and outside of the university. 2)Service Department:

The following is an intake evaluation that I reviewed for Moosehead University. This report will also include steps for a job analysis. I will be providing a job description for three important areas for full-time faculty members. The three categories are as follows: (These three areas
will show the description of the duties and responsibilities for each full-time faculty member).

1). Teaching:

-There are a number of various courses and topics that will be taught to your students. -Courses are introductory, advanced, undergraduate and graduate levels. -The courses are taught in front of a class and by internet. -The class size varies for the number of students.

-The degree of teaching and marking assistance will be made available by Moosehead University.

2). Research and Scholarly Activities:

-A massive variety of research
-Research and publication in journals, books, practioner magazines and theatre performances. -Media interviews, Art gallery presentations, lectures to professional groups and to the general public. -Contributing to advising professional expertise to groups within and outside of Moosehead University. -Large variations among faculty members with respect to funding support that is received for research. -Course releases from teaching.

-Computer knowledge
-There will be facility support for these scholarly activities.

3). Service:

-This incorporates serving on various university committees. -Task force department-faculty-or university wide levels.
-Incorporates service to the community groups and outside agencies. -Activities that increase the prestige and visual aspect of Moosehead University.

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