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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Mira Nairs movie entitled Monsoon Wedding is a story of family tradition that exists in Indian culture. The directpr illustrated how Indians perceived the importance of wedding in their society. Along with the depiction of the concept of wedding is the portrayal of different conflicts from various characters in the story. There is an instance when the wedding planner fell in love with maid of the family he works for. There are also concepts of adultery that emerged during the development of the story.

It became one of the significant conflicts of the movie that is hard to deconstruct or resolve due to its complications and results. Because there are several characters in the movie, there are some personas in the movie that were taken for granted. It shows that the author did not gave each character the capability to develop throughout the movie. The author used the children in movie to justify the concept of a family but she ignored their sense for the reason that she focused her attention merely on the issues of the older characters.

It means that there is no balance formation of characters but only a decoration for justifiable thoughts. In conclusion to this, the movie can be said as a simple and dramatic depiction of culture of Indian nation. It is an illustration of moral values, religious beliefs, and cultural tradition that Indians used to contemplate. It is somehow a story of uniqueness but there are flaws that cannot be denied by the audience. However, the whole scenario of the story justified the concept of family ties and awareness of cultural tradition that is innate to Indian society.


Mira Nair. Monsoon Wedding.

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