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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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With so many web and mobile applications available today, it is difficult to find a particular one that impacts more individuals and businesses than others. Many applications perform one or two tasks well, but I believe Google Drive is one of those applications that anyone can find useful. Whether youre a student or a business person, Google Drive can be of use in anyones life.

Google Drive is unique because it has several different purposes and functions. The first function of Google Drive is its cloud storage. Google Drive itself gives its users 5GB of free space to upload documents, music, pictures, and videos to keep as a backup or to share with others. If needed, storage size can be expanded up to 16TB for a fee. Another feature that is key to Google Drive is it incorporates its Docs application as well as Gmail in it. This allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more that will automatically save right to Google Drive and also give the ability to share it through email. Other aspects that can be found on Google Drive is that it is available on every modern browser, but alongside that Drive will offer the ability to view up to 30 different file types (,2012). One final way that Google Drive can now be used is on any Android or iOS device. Users can now create, edit and view almost everything the same as they would if they were on their computer using it.

Although some of the features of Google Drive are similar to that of other applications, There is no other application that streamlines as many features into one application to make its users as productive and efficient as possible. With the incorporation of Google Docs and Gmail, users can create and share without having to open multiple applications. Another great change that it has brought to users is that it works with practically everything. Drive works on all browsers and all Android and iOS devices, so people can get work done at anytime, anywhere whether it is for school or work. Being a student, I feel this application has lowered school costs due to it being free and the fact that it has cloud storage.

Students no longer have to have flash drives at the computer lab, now they can just log into Google Drive and access everything they need. And, with the addition of the mobile versions of Google Drive, last minute edits of papers andĀ presentations are no longer a reason for a melt down. The final benefit Google Drive gives to its consumers is the ability for Gmail to attach up to a 10GB file because of its integration. The attachment is technically a link for the recipient to download, but it enable users to have the luxury of sharing large videos or other data very easy and seamless (,2012).

With the exception of a few items, Google Drive contains an abundance of features needed for everyday tasks. One item that Drive is lacking is media streaming. This definitely needs to become a future enhancement so users can stream their music and videos from their drive application on mobile devices. With media streaming enabled, many users would only need to use Google Drive and could un clutter their home screen full of unecessary applications. The other enhancement that is directed towards the mobile version only is that users cannot create spreadsheets, forms, or drawings at this time (,2012). I am sure that Google will enable this in future updates, but it does cause some restriction for users for the time being.

Mobile technology has become a necessity for students and business persons to stay productive while not in front of their everyday computer. Google Drive is now expanding how mobile devices can be effective by letting users share, store, create, and edit items from anywhere. This allows users more control on how they spend their time instead of being dependent on being in front of a computer. I know as a Google Drive user that it has helped me stay productive by storing all of my school work in their cloud storage. I can work from my phone or on any computer and it all works the same. I believe Google Drives consistency between operating systems and devices is what makes this application so nice. No matter what I am using Google Drive on I can feel comfortable using it.

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