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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Minimum wage across the United States is low. I am not sure how they come up with these hourly wages but these minimum wages are not nothing anyone can live a normal life making. In the place where I live minimum wages is $7. 25 per hour which is the state of Missouri. Our neighbor state of Kansas which is where I am from is the same low pay of $7. 25 per hour. Washington has the highest rate I can tell of $9. 04 per hour with Vermont in second with $8. 46 per hour. $9. 04 per hour is a lot better to live off of than $7. 25.

My guess would be the cost of living in your state would most likely determine the minimum wage. The minimum wages in some of these other states are just incredibly low like Georgia and Wyoming with $5. 15 per hour. Now that just answer my earlier question because I know the cost of living in Georgia is high so $5. 15 per hour will not make it in Georgia. I did notice Missouri is trying to fight for a raise in the minimum wages. The law leaders here understand that this is not enough for one person to survive let alone a whole family. (All wage numbers are from 2009-2011 Minimum-Wage. rg and Marathon Studios Enterprises).

I have to say that the minimum wages in Kansas and Missouri are way too low. Again I can not stress the number of people I see with families and single parent households with little or no education who have to get entry level jobs to support a family. $7. 25 an hour by 40 hours a week is only $290. 00 before taxes per week. Now if you think someone can live off of that is beyond me. A single person with no family can not live off of that. Maybe a high school kid with his first job will be happy to have that per hour but a grown person with kids can not.

This is why more of our citizens need to speak up on issues such as these because the law leaders will not know what is going on without the publics help. Minimum-wage laws matter most for the least skilled and least experienced members of the labor force, such as teenagers (Mankiw, N. G. (2007). This statement just proves what I have been saying. Teenagers are most likely will not be to concern about the low wages. Minimum wage law forces the wage to remain above the level that balances supply and demand; it raises the quantity of labor supplied and reduces the quantity of labor demanded compared to the equilibrium level (Mankiw, N. G. (2007).

So what I think he is trying to imply is that if minimum wages do increase then this will most likely put the less skilled people out of work or a nice percentage of them will be overlooked for work. Businesses will look only for the more skill employees to fill positions which are what they are doing anyway. Businesses now days are not too willing to give a less skill worker a chance anymore and this is what is causing homeless and crime.

I do blame part of it on these businesses that are overlooking good people who are trying to get their life together, start all over or something to that nature and all they want is the qualified or even over qualified worker. But how do you think that person is qualified, from practice and learning and businesses seem to forget that and that is where poverty and all that come from partially. So if the company would stop conducting business like this then it could be a start at helping some of these people who are willing to learn but they can not learn if no one will give them a chance. Minimum wage will boost unemployment.

There are a lot of out of work adults that will not work for that kind of money. Now that the job market has hit rock bottom and people with experience can not even find work is force to make a decision on whether to settle for a minimum wage job or wait it out for a descent paying job. Most people with families will need to work because they have above minimum wages living to maintain so even though minimum wage will not even begin to cover above average living, it will get them by. Most will not get by and then a lot of workers are force to live off of unemployment till it is all gone then they are force to take a pay cut to live.

So this is putting the worker in a pretty tight predicament in what they should do. Since I believe that the minimum wages are to low then I think they should raise it a little bit. Again I can not stress too much about the people who can not live off of the low wages. I think the lawmen should have a minimum wage for the kids who are just starting to work like at 15 or 16 till like 21. Then above that then they should have a higher wage for adults with the option to earn more per hour like they do now.

Teenagers are not experience enough to worry about the wages so $7. 5 per hour will be plenty for them to be taught the value of a dollar. But when you have person who has been in the work field and has made $10. 00 or above per hour then what are they suppose to do. So I believe in separate wages for teenagers verses adults and I think that this would solve a lot of the issues with minimum wage. Some would say that teenagers are justified to make a higher minimum wage just like adults, but the adults were teenagers before and just like them they had to work their way up and I believe this is the way for them to do so.

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