Milk and Time Period Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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STATION 1 : Time Period = B.C.

1. Would you consider the Ancient Egyptians to be Biotechnologists? Why? Why not?

2. How do you think yeast causes bread to rise?

3. What do you think the Latin root bio means?

Define the word technology.

STATION 2: Time Period = 1 A.D.-1900 A.D.

1. List one characteristic or desirable trait that may have been bred for in the following:




2. If you were a plant/animal breeder, what steps are you going to perform to ensure that the desirable trait will be observed in succeeding generations?

STATION 3: Time Period = 1900-1970

1. If you could mix any two plants to form a hybrid, what two plants would
you mix and why these two?

What name would you give your hybrid?

2. What food(s) have you eaten that may be considered to be (a) hybrid(s)?

STATION 4: Time Period = 1970-1996

1. Do you have any worries or concerns about drinking milk that has come from cows injected with recombinant BST (cow growth hormone)?

What are your concerns?

2. Some dairy farmers refuse to use recombinant BST. Can you think of any reason why?

STATION 5 : Time Period = The Future

1. List one of your most favorite unprocessed food.

2. What new trait would make this food even better?

3. List one of your least favorite unprocessed food.

4. What new trait would make his food better?

5. Do you feel that changing foods to exhibit more desirable traits is OK? Explain why or why not.


All the foods at the stations were produced using some type or form of biotechnology. In your own words, define biotechnology.

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