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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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[EDDIE lunges with the knife. MARCO grabs is arm, turning the blade inward and pressing it home as the women and LOUIS and MIKE rush in and separate them, an EDDIE, the knife still in his hand, falls to his knees before MARCO. The two women support him for a moment, calling his name again and again] . This could be two possibilities, as Marco could have killed Eddie in anger for revenge for what he done to him and Rodolpho or, Eddie Realized he had done so much wrong and there was not much point living, as all his friends did not wish to talk to him. The Ending is also some what romantic as Eddie dies in his wifes arm.

[He dies in her arms, and BEATRICE covers him with her body. ALFIERI, who is in the crowd, turns out to the audience. ] . This is where there is no more of Eddie. He finally was defeated by his weakness that he had been trying to hide for ages. It was not until the end that he was actually told to his face that he needed to let go of Catherine. The truth is not as bad as blood, Eddie! Im tellin you the truth- tell her good-bye for ever! . Eddie after hearing this was disgraced that his own wife would say this about him this does not help the anger that was building.

There was loads of shouting in this speech and some abbreviations were use to shorten words. The audience could feel relived that someone has finally told Eddie. Not just implying it. All traditional tragedies have a chorus. Eddie plays this part in the play as he speaks directly to the audience as well as being a part of the play. Alfieri acts as the chorus because he fills the audience in on events in the play. He worked on the piers when there was work he brought home his pay, and he lived. Here he is informing the audience upon what has happened in the play in the past.

This shows Alfieri filling the audience in on something they would not know if he wasnt to of said that. The audience now knows that Eddie was a decent kind, loving and caring man for his family. Alfieri is also the voice of reason in the play as he tells Eddie when there is nothing he could do and he should take the advice. This is my last Word, Eddie, take it or not, thats your business. Morally and legally you have no rights, you cannot stop it; she is a free agent. Here he is being wise and telling Eddie to just accept what is happening.

However, Eddie did not really appreciate this information as straight after this he goes to the immigration bureau. Alfieri also talks directly to the audience. You wouldnt have known it, but something amusing has just happened. The language used here is speaking to you directly as it starts the sentence with you. The audience get loads of dramatic tension as the audience know more then some of the characters; this could help foreshadowing. Again Mr. Alfieri senses the tragedy that is about to happen and prepares the audience for the ending.

Pray for him¦ Here he is showing that there is nothing he can do. He is really helpless. This could be called an imperative verb as he is telling you what to do. Alfieri also gives away hints at the beginning that there is nothing he can do to help. In Calabria perhaps or on the cliff at Syracuse, another lawyer, quite differently dressed, heard the same complaint and sat there as powerless as I, and watching it run its bloody course. Here right at the beginning he shows hints of tragedy and it would hint death as it says bloody.

When he says he is powerless he means that there is nothing he can do to help Eddie. Melodrama is used a lot in the play, without the melodrama it would not be a very interesting story. A melodrama is any type of writing that relies on the sensational happenings, violent and improbable events. In the play there are many sensational events. The play is rather melodramatic. For example when Eddie kisses Catherine [He reaches out suddenly, draws her to him, and strives of free herself he kissed her on the mouth]. This is a really dramatic scene as Eddies true feelings are being seen.

Miller must have done this to show the audience that Eddie is slowly becoming less self-deluded. The language in the stage directions show that Catherine trys to get away form Eddie as at says strives this is showing she is struggling to get away. Furthermore after this Eddie throws Rodolpho out. He has now had enough. I give you till tomorrow, kid. Get outa here, alone. You hear me? Alone. He says alone twice Miller is using the technique repetition this shows he is being really serious and he is not messing about.

Arthur Miller has done this to make it extremely clear that Eddie does not like Rodolpho. Eddie also trys to be little Rodolpho by calling him kid. There are a few cases of dramatic irony in the play like when the audience know more then what the audience do. Why! How do you know theyre not trackin these guys? Theyll come up for them and find Marco and Rodolpho! Get them out of the house! . This is dramatic irony as Eddie is saying he does not want them to be caught however, he was the one who went to the immigration services.

He thinks he can get away with what he has done by blaming someone else for it. He is showing he is good at pretending as the exclamation marks shows he would maybe shout it but defiantly show he is saying it with anger. Miller modernized the play to make it clear that so many bad things can happen, and you need to keep control over your weaknesses. It is easier to believe that it can happen to everyone if it is modernized as it is happening to modern people rather then rich wealthy and famous people.

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