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Microsoft office SharePoint server which is shortened as MOSS is an integrated Microsoft server that provides the following services; business intelligence share board, web content management, enterprise search, enterprise content services and shared business processes. Microsoft office SharePoint was introduced after SharePoint portal server SPS. Microsoft office SharePoint is a program that has elevated Microsoft office from merely being used on the desk top to being used online (Hillier, 2005).

Compared to Microsoft office that can only be used on the desktop, Microsoft office SharePoint makes it possible for a server to share the information online. SharePoint is basically a website that can be displayed on the internet with an interface which displays libraries and lists in a protected database. The key word in Microsoft office SharePoint which is share literally means connecting with people and sharing with them information, documents and files. SharePoint contains a number of tools that can be utilized for any small personal work or a wide range of business services.

SharePoint services can be customized very easily using web based management interface or alternatively by using the Microsoft SharePoint designer software. There are also 40 pre-built application templates that assist in organizing the various components of the web. They are designed in a way that enables them to accomplish various specific tasks assigned to them. Some of these applications are blog, bug database, project tracking and wiki. Microsoft office offers a wide range of products that form part and parcel of its current technologies.

These technologies include; Windows SharePoint Services 3. 0 (WSS), Search Server 2008 Express, Search Server 2008, Forms Server 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 MOSS Standard, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 MOSS Enterprise, Microsoft Office Groove Server 2007, Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer. All this products have been designed to fit in the modern business communication. They enhance the process and method of data sharing and ensure that business enterprises are informed of the current happenings in the business society.

The features are easy to use and flexible when it comes to change and expansion. Importance of Microsoft Office SharePoint Microsoft office SharePoint has various benefits that make it preferred for use. The application improves peoples productivity by enabling them to receive information needed via the internet (Adams, 2007). It enhances their capability to create and organize the information and documents which makes their jobs easily manageable. Using the Microsoft office SharePoint, the server will find it easy to manage and track documents that he or she is using.

This is due to the enhanced document management features that enable the server to countercheck and even change them. The modified features also enable the user to restore past information and determine the kind of users that access certain files. Microsoft office SharePoint has also enhanced the use of Microsoft office. The menus that were previously available on Microsoft office have been modified making it easy to navigate it. Microsoft office suit which is among the tools in SharePoint increases the speed of the user to use the applications without having to apply new skills.

SharePoint has a variety of applications that enable the user to choose the one that is most suitable for him/her. The work spaces available enable the server to design an application that will provide solution to the problem at hand. A collaboration environment has been made easy to build and design as it takes minimum time. The share based SharePoint solution cuts down on the time and effort needed to find such solutions. Microsoft office SharePoint reduces complexities as it enhances the information stored and reduces on the general management costs.

The information stored within the site is so easy to manage that it does not require the user to have extra skills. Microsoft office SharePoint enables the user to secure his or her information in a design that seems most appropriate for them (Lachev, 2005). This is due to the applications that enable the user to identify security measures in accordance to the document or file. He/she is also able to create security according to the user groups and teams who can also control the kind of information that they receive according to the defined parameters. File sharing using Microsoft SharePoint is highly improvised.

It has facilities such as version history, document check in and check-out and storage which allow the user to browse the state of past files and documents stored and reinstate them to the position he/she desires. It has also a recycle bin that enables the user to retrieve the files that were earlier on deleted. Microsoft SharePoint is designed for both large scale and small scale use. The site can be increased as desired by the user at any time. This allows him to easily expand his operations whenever he feels the necessity to do so. The applications in Microsoft SharePoint are flexible and also multifunctional.

The information stored in SharePoint can be customized in any form to suit a specific function and purpose. It can also be used for a wide variety of functions due to its flexible nature. Therefore, it is suitable for any type of business organization that may wish to use a number of applications. There are six main features on which Microsoft office SharePoint server is built on. They include; collaboration, portal, enterprise search, web and enterprise content management, forms driven business process and business intelligence. Pillars of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Collaboration

Microsoft office SharePoint integrates work spaces, surveys, wikis, forums, blogs and tasks which boost the working of the Microsoft 2003 windows. The new features enhance partnership and the sharing of knowledge between different parties. Some of the applications that can be used to enhance partnership include; blog tronix, eTouch, social text, automatic, suited two and base camp (Foster, 2008). The features can be customized and used for different share groups as desired by the server. Through such facilities an organization can easily identify business partners around the world that may be engaging in similar activities.

They are also able to identify customers and clients that are interested in their products. Portal Portal is a site that can access everything that is related to enterprise. In the new version of the 2007 windows, the name portal server is no longer used. Even though some of the features used have not been changed much, there are some modifications to the portal that include master pages, improved search facilities, improvements on the visual studio and a pluggable single sign-on architecture that improves flexibility. The website is based on the profile of the user (Luckett, 2008).

Portal enables a personal user to create a site where they can customize them according to their needs. Portal allows the user to make changes to their profile and receive information and updates in a desired format. Enterprise Search Search on SPS 2003 was a bit hectic and made the process of searching different content stores difficult. Microsoft office SharePoint has provided a solution to this problem due to the new features that enhance searching. MOSS 2007 has an ACL-aware that has the ability to search for people and even expertise using both remote and local data stores.

Business managers and other developers can effectively index their data and search in accordance to the line of business that they are dealing with. The best bets search features have added a new wave of intelligence to search procedures that make it exciting and reliable. Enterprise search enables a user to access specific information either from stored files or on the site. The facility is designed to suit the search criteria of the user and avoid the inconveniences of spending a lot of time in retrieving data.

Web and Enterprise Content Management Microsoft office SharePoint server provides a wide variety of services that enhance the management of documents. Some of these services include; content type base policies, rich descriptive metadata, check in and out document locking, role based access controls at the library of the document and auditing. The contents received via the web can also be effectively managed and recorded. The features can be developed for use both for single or multiple uses depending on the nature of the work being dealt with.

It is now easy for different business partners to exchange and transfer content materials as they desire. Locking facilities enable the user to withhold certain information from reaching certain groups and generally makes him to take complete charge of what is in the site. Forms Driven Business Process Microsoft office SharePoint has an XML driven info path that can be used on various systems including portable wireless devices. This improves on the rate and extent of communication between business partners, customers and clients in a business.

The different stakeholders of the company or organization can access the information they want without having to go through a long process (Ferguson, 2002). It also makes it possible for the business management to determine specific information that can be accessed by the wide variety of stakeholders. The InfoPath is still being developed to have the ability of handling many more features. This feature has enhanced flexibility in business operations and ensures that a business man is kept informed no matter their current location. They are also able to comfortably carry out their business transactions despite their locations.

Business Intelligence Microsoft office SharePoint server has improved business intelligence through the web based dash boards excel services and excel web base services, data respiratory integration and line of business integration. SharePoint server is used to take business to a higher level due to the improved work group facilities that it provides. Microsoft office SharePoint was developed in 2003 and a new version launched in 2007. Features are continuously being improved as businesses continue to enjoy the services that improve their operations.

Companies and organizations are discovering new business opportunities that will expand their operations. With continuous developments that SharePoint is promising, online business partnerships will be greatly enhanced and a secure storage facility ensured. The Capability of Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint has indeed been of great relive for business enterprises especially as it enhances the sharing capabilities of data. The share based portals enables businesses to make them be a one stop enterprise destination. The interfaces are dynamic and a lot of time is saved through; enterprise 2.

0 function ability has calendars and other interactive properties which enhance communication. It also has an integrated presence that makes it possible for a user to effectively communicate with another user that has been tagged and authorized (English, 2004). It has an improved interface and usability that enhances interactions, makes it smoother and ensure updates are received on time. Navigating data on site has been made simpler and made the discovery of contents easier. Administrators on site can easily role up certain information from sub sites and transfer it to other portal.

It makes it easy to retrieve information on the website and Users who are within the SharePoint environment can now share information from an external RSS feeds. This reduces the possibility of the information being redundant and enhance corporation among different team members. Microsoft office SharePoint has leverage and security architecture that ensures sensitive business information is kept out of unauthorized view groups. SharePoint contains configurable features that make it possible for the user to give a site a definite description, differentiate web parts and XML endpoints.

The 2007 version of Microsoft office SharePoint is compatible in NGES 2. 0. This facility makes it easier for an enterprise to effectively communicate with the customers. Most companies that have adapted the use of RSS to manage vital business information have discovered how versatile the technology is. RSS in combination with Microsoft office SharePoint server are proving to be very economical and reliable confirming the deliverance capability of enterprise 2. 0. The 2008 version of the Microsoft office search server that is referred to us 2008 express has been greatly enhanced to ensure that the number of files indexed are not limited.

However, there is a limitation on stand-alone installations in that it cannot be scaled out to a cluster. Microsoft office SharePoint designer makes it possible for a developer to change data from external sources like Microsoft SQL server without necessarily having to code it against the NET framework (Webb, 2007). Despite the various compliments of Microsoft office SharePoint, it is criticized on the grounds that its tools are not well integrated for developers. Its customized software architecture is also viewed as complex and differs at a higher degree with the other ASP. NET-based web applications.

Therefore, there is a need for Microsoft to improve other versions to make them reliable for use by developers. Microsoft office SharePoint 2007 has been designed to effectively work with other technologies, servers and programs. For instance, it is possible to create PowerPoint slides using Microsoft office SharePoint that can be stored in a library. The stored slides can be viewed by other users who can select their desired slide and receive notifications on the same. Updates can also be automatically set so that the new released versions on the SharePoint are received by the user.

The different products of Microsoft office SharePoint have been designed to meet the current business needs. It has made the sharing of information between different groups across the borders easier. This sharing of information has made different business enterprises to be updated of the current happenings in the market and thus making informed decisions. The 2007 version of Microsoft office SharePoint enables users to create their own SharePoint sites that they can personally manage and use as they desire.

They are also able to share such information with other people throughout the organization. An organization has different departments in which the administrator may desire to communicate different information, Microsoft office SharePoint server 2007 understands such diversity and makes it possible for the administrator to comfortably send specific information to various departments. SharePoint server ensures that only the right people are able to access certain information. Microsoft windows SharePoint services are technologies that have been modified in Microsoft windows SharePoint server.

The services are specifically designed to ensure effective networking among business stakeholders. It ensures productivity on the work done by enabling the users to make informed decisions. Microsoft office SharePoint server depends on the services of Microsoft office SharePoint services 3. 0 technology that provide a wide variety of services such as site administration, libraries and site customization. All the features that are available on windows SharePoint services 3. 0 have also been integrated in office SharePoint server.

Even though some features are similar Microsoft office SharePoint server 2007 has additional features that relate to different scenarios in publishing and enterprise. Conclusion Microsoft office SharePoint is basically a site that connects business organization with their employees, customers and partners. It was mainly designed due to the varying needs in the business field. The different products of SharePoint enable the server to customize information in a particular way as he/she desires and send it to prospective recipients.

Maximum security is guaranteed for the user who may either desire to share certain information with specific people (Langfeld, 2004). It enhances the work of the managers who are able to effectively coordinate the work within their organization. They are able to create a site where different categories of employees are able to access information and receive the necessary updates. It also enables employees to create sites that will keep them updated on their work performance and progress. An employee is able to assign the work and effectively manage his time due to the calendar features that are provided in Microsoft office SharePoint.

Modern technology is making interactions and communications easier. Even though it comes with various challenges and shortcomings, Microsoft office SharePoint is still going through improvements (Hillier, 2007). Various research programs are still being done on the features and new features are being added to ensure that the facility serves people better. Improvements being done on SharePoint make it easier for the server to apply them without having to acquire extra skills. As the years move on, technology is inventing more products that can be utilized on SharePoint.

These services are exciting to business organizations and companies that have come to realize how the work of managing files and documents can be much simplified. Hence, they are looking for more promising advances on SharePoint that will further enhance communication with their stakeholders. REFERENCES Adams S. (2007): Pro SharePoint solution development, California: Apress pp39-41 English B. (2004): Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies resource kit, Michigan: Microsoft Press pp987-989 Ferguson R. (2002): Special edition using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Serve, California: Que, Publishing pp601

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