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Published: 2020-02-13 13:20:43
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As the end of my high school education draws near, I contemplate what I will do with my future. I have always been told to do what you enjoy and make a living out of it. Four years ago, I set out with this bit of advice, trying to find out what it is I like to do. After participating in clinical education in different health care settings, I realized that my interests lay in nursing.

My short-term career goals consist of successfully passing the certified nurse assistant state exam this May, and through online training, becoming a patient care technician. Next, I will get a part-time position as a patient care technician in one of Texas Health Resources competitive hospitals while gaining an associates degree in nursing at a local and affordable college, such as Tarrant County College. While obtaining a bachelors degree in nursing, I will continue to work as a nurse in the surgical intensive care unit to develop my skills necessary to achieve my long-term goals. I will develop my understanding of how to apply technical, theoretical, and academic knowledge to practical problems. I will also hope to build a networking relationship across Texas Health Resources organization of health care professionals. Because I am paying for my college education on my own, getting my nursing degree at a community college is my only option, though my long-term goals are not restrained by this circumstance.

My ultimate goal is to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist and continue to be employed in one of Texas Health Resources innovative hospitals. To achieve this goal I will gain experience by working as a nurse and I hope to further my education at one of Texas top accredited nurse anesthesia programs such as the ones at Texas Christian University, Baylor University, or University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center. With this masters degree under my belt, I will pass the required state exams, and obtain my goal as a certified registered nurse anesthetist. I will be able to mentor and develop fellow coworkers and acquire marketable, managerial and technical skills necessary to thrive in tomorrows health care industry.

Joining my schools HOSA club early in high school sparked this aspiration to be a nurse. This club educates adolescents about the different positions in the health care field, including nursing. I am interested in a nursing career because nursing is a profession of integrity and compassion that affects and touches other peoples lives. It is a privilege that measures out my values as a human being.

I feel that I am the right person for the Youth Prodigy Program because of my past experiences, my personality, and my work ethic. The nursing assistant class I am enrolled in is teaching me health care standards and expectations so I will have an education that exceeds the expectations of this program. I am dependable, a hard worker, a team player, and a fast learner. By giving me the privilege to succeed in the Youth Prodigy Program, you will be gaining an employee that will improve and elevate the Texas Health Resources hospital system.

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