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Published: 2019-12-04 01:40:19
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An analysis of how the notorious figure Jade Goody was represented in media coverage of Big Brother.

Despite being the second last evicted from the big brother house, and apart from being popular in the public viewers eyes, Jade Goody has been portrayed by the media as a very objectionable individual whom is probably labelled as the worst housemate ever.

In The Sun Jade has been exposed, as a stupid and drippy contestant who they strongly feel should be evicted from the house as soon as possible because of their stereotypical ways of commenting about an individual. The language in The Sun is very inadequate, Dated 18 June an article in The Sun uses other contestants in the house as their main evidence of her mouthy manners, which has effected and brought a commotion into many of the media press for Big Brother. Jade aimlessly, is not aware of the outside world.

The sun uses slang to get messages across to the reader which puts the readers mind in a state of informality, something they too can have a laugh at. In article the press go a little too deep into her personal life and use a coverage about her jailbird dad to describe her outside life. They use this epithet in order to create tension and prejudice about jades conduct in the Big Brother house. Jade here is represented as a bad girl from a bad family who maybe has a lot of things that she can be contrasted too which stereotypically is the way The Sun label people.

Being called a pig and being voted out, as a pig is not a very satisfying way to find out what the press has said about you. Jade in articles written by The Sun.

Another headline that starts using her sexuality is the article dated June 19 in which the headline metaphorically refers to the sexual innuendo they make about her and PJ sleeping together, toe-job to blows job is connotation of her sexual life. In that particular article the writer tried to create jade as a person who is annoying as she is referred to as mouthy jade, tearful which doesnt show her as a strong participator at the beginning of something that can alter her way life.

Using Jades mothers sexuality lesbian mother affects the public as they are put in spot where they are hypnotised to think that it is wrong to not be heterosexual. To the public reading an article about the sex life of celebrities amuses them and brings entertainment to their minds, however it can be a very sad thing to where the celebrity feels betrayed by people around them. The articles written by The Sun use many personal terms and stories to attract attention that it seems that the media like to exploit her private life to the public for personal rights. But it seems to be lacking in justice because doesnt jade have her rights as an individual?

Her mother is described as an unmarried Jackie Budden, which adds to the pile of personal matters. Does it really matter if her mother wasnt married and it shouldnt really have an effect or change o the way jade will carry on winning to second place.

The Sun seem very bias, they dont seem to like jade goody because of the fact that her dads in jail, her mothers sexuality and the way it differs from jade. Being a dental nurse has been contrasted to the way she doesnt seem to have helped people like her because in the sun she has been nominated as the nations most hated. It shows that they use her occupation too to describe her failure in the house.

Many other types of comparisons are made about jade, for instance in an another article her yawing caught by a camera is contrasted to a baboon mimicking jade which is rather ironic about her nature.

Many pictures that are put into the articles by The Sun portray her as an unflattering person, big boobs all carefully selected to make her look unattractive and not someone youd particularly want to follow in step wise.

In the Jade should keep her big mouth shut article a picture of disgustingly easting a pizza fits with the heading. Underneath they use an alliteration to bring out the pun in her.

Another form of imagery used by The Sun is a picture of her breast falling out of her bikini which has a heading of Jade Boobs again which could be a attire about her weight which isnt a nice way of representing someone.

Throughout her time in Big Brother The Sun used many atrocious, narrow-minded comments about Jade to in a sense entertain the readers. However by presenting her as a pig, dimwit and many other forms of pessimistic and notorious descriptions the sun created a hateful and bitter side to jade. Because of the homophobic, stereotypical reputation that The Sun holds it fits the nature of the articles written by them to comment upon her like this.

However in The Daily Mirror they use another way of presenting jade. Despite the fact that she may have been named a pig, a cow it doesnt stop them creating the anti-Big Brother campaign, which they take total, sides on Jade. The front page of the Daily Mirror has 3 pictures of Jade looking rather depressed and isolated. She is wearing a crucifix; with a white top, which could be a technique, this paper uses to bring out another side of Jade. Her innocence most likely. The headline starts off with Nobody Loves me, and underneath the picture the reporter has added his feelings but I do. which creates anxiety as well as excitement to the readers of who could be the person who does, and why.

The page 10 coverage is rather different to the Suns reports on Jade as here she has been described as not the sharpest pin but who cares. This is a turning point to a debateable question of whether jade is a good or bad contestant.

The article includes better pictures of her smiling, looking like she can have fun and as an innocent person.

The article itself is optimistic about jade Kevin OSullivan admits that he has sympathy for the divine ms Jade which is rather ironic in sense for those who have just read the sun articles on jade goody. The article uses antonyms from the articles that are very pessimistic about her. The language here is more sympathetic and close to the heart. It seems more comfortable because the reader doesnt have to feel like they are pushed to believe each word. However here she is placed as a poor girl who richly deserves to win. However there are mocks about how she wont win beauty contests and how she is a blonde bumshell- sorry bombshell which shows that the writer in a way does see her as unpleasant he tries to keep it discreet.

The article states how the reasons why they have created an anti big brother campaign was because they thought that they too fitted the crowd therefore it was time for a change. This represents jade as another person, here in this article she is not diversely exploited but mildly commented upon.

It also seems that because of the fact that the sun has been commented upon by many people the Daily mirror needed to avoid being commented upon too. By creating a kind image to the reader they can help attract more readers.

The daily mirror by adopting the title The anti-Big Brother campaign seems to have distanced them from war, since September 11th. By placing another anti subject apart from it helps readers get away from tension and to having some form of gentle entertainment.

Both article pity jade however in the sun they use personal comments to create subversion by the readers for jade goody whereas in The Daily mirror they try to create sympathy and warmth. It really is a matter of decisions made by the readers of whom they take sides on. Jade has been presented rather poorly throughout her time in Big Brother due to her looks and personality. By creating her as a person that is ironically a failure in the show they have been able to capture a form gossip column for their readers to enjoy.

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