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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Media changes the rules of how we can view the world. It lets us see that there are realities aside from the reality that we already know. The media shows, for instance, how tragic calamities like tsunamis and hurricanes could be. It also reveals that public school teachers in U. S. could also be violent and abusive towards their students. Now, if these realities didnt come out of media, would we know that such injustices and inequalities still rampantly occur in human existence? Media also spreads bad influences like violence and pornography.

However, these should not constitute the only basis for condemning media. Pornography and hostility already existed decades before media came out. Negligence of parents cant be blamed for this violence. But it we want our children to view wholesome materials, then parents should initiate a move in monitoring their childrens activities and orient them what materials would be considered as garbage. Youtube. com is just one of the popular forms of media where the people visit to watch and upload videos.

While some other sites have a team of reviewers to check on the videos beings submitted to their sites, YouTube o n the other hand is the free site where people can easily upload and access even the inappropriate ones. Inappropriate means videos containing obscene, violent, and offensive language. Kids 11-14 can say that there are videos with inappropriate content. Videos like Hentai (a Japanese pornographic animation) and Harry Potter Puppet Pals are examples of videos that have sexual, gory and foul content.

These videos are obviously catchy to children. Indeed, children should never be deprived of their rights to be educated of ugly realities but posting violent and pornographic videos in a site where people, even the young ones, often drop by when theyre on the net could be dangerous. These videos might bring shock to these young, or they might think it is okay to show pornography. With all these issues, parents should guide their children on what they watch and, in some cases, what they upload.

Some of these inappropriate videos can only be accessed when he/she registers and must not be a minor, but anybody could lie about the age. It is also advised that children below 18 should have parental guidance, but some parents are not aware that these sites exist. Some parents are not even familiar with the Internet. If children are guarded at home, the could always go to Internet cafes if they would insist or too curious to access these videos.

This could still be possible since some cafes are very lenient when it comes to censorship. In our generation today, technology is changing and evolving every minute. Though measures are taken and warnings are given, improvement will only be realized with the virtue of responsibility.


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