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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Product is the combination of goods and services the company offers to the target market. We know that McDonalds is one of the top fast food franchises in the world and they offer variety of products for their customers in different country. McDonalds emphasis on developing a menu that can satisfy their customers wants (2010). Marketing Mix McDonalds. McDonalds product belongs to the convenience product group as their products area affordable and consumers buy their product frequently. In order to meet customers requirements which changes over time, McDonalds has adopted the concept think global, act global (2001).

Marketing Mix. McDonalds introduced new products based on religions and customs in different country. For example, there is no pork-based product in Malaysia as Muslims take up a large portion of the population. Other than Malaysia, McDonalds focuses on veggie-based product in India as majority of the consumer is vegetarian. There are also products that are introduced to fulfill local lifestyle such McCroissant in Germany, Teriyaki McBurger in Japan and McLaks in Norway (2001). Marketing Mix.

Besides all these, McDonalds also introduced Happy Meals to attract certain demographic group, especially children. McDonalds product mix of product width and length includes burgers like Big Mac and McChicken, breakfast like Sausage McMuffin and Hash Browns, beverages such as soft drinks and coffee, desserts consisting of McFlurry and Sundae Cone and other product including French fries and McNuggets. As for the product depth, McDonalds has one obvious example, which is their beef burger. They sold various beef burger including Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Big N Tasty, Double Cheese Burger and so on.

McDonalds also provide product consistency throughout the world as they give the same quality of food in all of their outlets. Besides, the appearances of their products and the service when delivering products to their customers are also the same. This means that the experience of going to McDonalds is the same no matter where the outlet is located. McDonalds realise that the sales of its product will vary at different points in their life cycle as in the product life cycle and they will continue to introduce new product and remove the old ones when they have reach declination stage (2008). Marketing at McDonalds.

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