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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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This is effective because the reader can tell how cold the weather is. There is also another hint to that a ghost will appear because when Dickens uses metaphors he writes The fog came pouring in at every chink and keyhole, and was so dense without, that, although the court was of the narrowest, the houses opposite were mere phantoms. This indicates another perfect setting for a ghost to appear so this shows dickens wants the reader to know or think that. A further method by which Dickens prepares us for the Paragraph 4.

Dickens introduces another character into the story in order to highlight the contrast between scrooge and the common day man. Scrooges nephew is introduced to emphasise how unkind and horrible Scrooge is, so his nephew is friendly and happy. In the dialogue we learn that Scrooge has a clear dislike to Christmas because everytime Christmas is mentioned we hear Scrooge say Bah Humbug Bah means when someone is to say whatever and humbug means nonsense so this means scrooge is saying that he doesnt believe in Christmas.

While on the other hand Scrooges nephew obviously is over exited about Christmas because we hear him say A marry Christmas uncle, God save you! this is clear that the nephew is happy and joyful because he says merry Christmas to him and he doesnt say anything negative and is very positive about everything. There is a very good point of that Scrooge is rich and his nephew is poor yet the nephew is happier than Scrooge is. This makes the reader wonder why. His nephew points this out by saying What right do you have to be dismal?

What reasons do have to be morose? Youre rich enough! this points out scrooge is just not kind or giving but here scrooge stops to think of an excuse because he hasnt a clue what to say or a reason why he is down or evil. And scrooge cannot think of anything to say so to get himself out of trouble he says his catchphrase Bah Humbug this shows that he doesnt know why he is boring and always miserable but he just always is. Also we know how tight fisted scrooge is because when the two gentlemen who ask for money for the poor he replies by saying

If they rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population. This shows that Scrooge has no heart for the poor and thinks that they all should die. Also Scrooge thinks the poor are just idle because they dont have a job, showing Scrooge is unkind and doesnt listen to anyone else but himself. Paragraph 5 In the next section Dickens builds up tension of when the reader thinks a ghost will appear. The scene starts off with Scrooge walking home after he has locked up his business and he is walking home.

Dickens builds up the tension by describing the scene as Gloomy and The fog and frost so hung about the black old gateway of the house and again this is setting a perfect scene for a ghost. Scrooge has his key in the door and he looks at the knocker on the door and he notices its Marleys face. The face is described as horrific and the knocker is at eye level so Scrooge cannot ignore this phenomenon. The face must have been scary because this was Marley and he was dead so his face must have been decaying therefor making the face more obscene.

I think Dickens uses this effect of tension and anticipation to shock the reader for when Marleys face appears on the doorknocker. Also this is the first climax in the novel and is shocking because the reader might not expect this. While Scrooge is shocked in the moment he keeps on looking and this phenomenon it becomes a knocker again. Dickens uses this to shock the reader and because of Marleys sudden disappearance the reader may believe he could come back to haunt, this evil disobedient character soon.

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