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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Do you know who i am? are you not attracted to my beauty? Many lovers have come and gone through my life. but a lot of people hate me. They say i am an adulterous woman. They say i have seven demons in my body. I hate this kind of life, you know. Nobody really loves me, and the burden of my sin is heavy upon me. I am Mary of Magdala. Just call me Mary Magdalene. I am in search of true love and acceptance. But who will ever love a sinner such as I? (walks sideways and to the center of the stage) Jesus¦ I heard that a certain jesus has come to our town.

He was healing the sick ones, and calling the sinners to repentance. Who is this man that He would even proclaim forgiveness for the sins of many? I must see Jesus! He must have answers to my questions! One day, a Pharisee named Simon hosted a feast and Jesus was one of the invited guests. I will not miss the chance to meet Jesus. I will prepare myself for the feast. (Mary removes the beads on her head, wears a veil and got ready with an alabaster flask of perfume) With this alabaster flask of perfume, I will annoint Jesus feet. (Many tries to see from afar the crowd at Simons place) Oh! There is a big crowd in Simons house.

How could I possibly get inside? Oh, Ill wait until Jesus enters. By then, the crowd at the gate wil be ushered in. There is Jesus sitting near the host Simon. I tried to inch my way through the crowd until I finally knelt down at His feet. I wasted no time to pour the ointment on His feet and I wipe His feet with my hair. Then with a gentle voice he said to me, Woman, your sins are forgiven, your faith has saved you, go in peace. My heart rejoiced as I went away. The burden of my sins rolled away. Now Im free to obey Him. The next time I saw Jesus, He was haning on the cross, crucified between two thieves.

My heart was crushed with grief. Who has done this crime? Who killed my Jesus? Can anybody tell me? Who killed Jesus? Was it the Hebrew children? A while ago, they were shouting: Crucify Hiim, (pause), crucify Him, crucify Him! Was it Pontius Pilate? he was the Governor who gave permission for His crucifixion. Was it the Roman soldiers? Torture of criminals is part of their profession. But Jesus wasnt a criminal! He was a sinless man. Who killed Jesus? Now its plain to see. It was really me! My sins! He died for my sins! Jesus, thank You for forgiving me at such a great price.

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