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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Keeps track of stock coming in the business and also the stock going of the business. When Argos buys stuff of another company, it is known as purchases, but this is not all way the case. There can be a time when a supplier has bought some stuff of Argos ltd but after few days, the same person returns some of the stuff. This can also be known as stuff coming in the business. The accountants need to make a transaction to show that a supplier has already bought some stock but decides to return some of the stock back. This makes sure that the new stock doesnt get mixed with the old stock.

When the stock in the business decreases, it is the sales manager responsibility is to keep track of the stock¦ He orders more stock to come in the business, when the old stock gets sold out. When retailers or wholesalers buy products off Argos ltd, they are known as Debtors. The sales manager sends an invoice to the supplier, telling them the amount they owe to Argos ltd. If the supplier cannot repay the amount of money supplier owes, than in his account he will be known as Bad Debt because the supplier might has got bank cropped or sales must have dropped down.

Market researcher and the marketing director: The marketing researcher collects and identifies the buying habits, lifestyle, and usage, attitudes of actual and potential customers. Primary and secondary research is done in different way. The primary research has not yet been identified by the business. It is the market researcher job to go out and collect that kind of information from consumers. The advantage of market researcher collecting this information is that the firm which initially collects it will be the only organisation to access it.

Primary information will be also used to gain marketing advantages over their rivals. This kind of research is known as a field research. The marketing director as a whole or only the marketing director is responsible for the effective promotion of products. Marketing director main aim is to boost the awareness of a brand that has faded from consumers memories or has been introduced in the market. The marketing researcher is responsible for collecting information about consumers, environment, etc¦

the information than gets passed on to the marketing director, which analyses how the product is going to be promoted, priced, or even packed to attract consumers to buy the certain type of product. The marketing director has to be aware of how the stuff is being publishing because if the product isnt successful, the firm can be at a position where the losses on sales can happen. The marketing director will also look at the information collected by the marketing director to take it has a competitive advantage on a any cases.

By considering the marketing mix of the products, the firm can be a position to fulfil their marketing objectives. This may include the business raise the Argos ltd sales or the operating profit margin. Effective promotion gets under way all the time to keep customers interested in Argos ltd products. Flyers are published on special events through out the year, such as Valentines Day, mothers day, and Easter. Point-of-sale and internet sites are also used to let shoppers know what is happening at Argos.

Not long ago, the launch of the new Argos advertising promotion, starring Julia Sawalha and Richard E Grant, increased the awareness of new Argos catalogue. It also increased its purchasing rate and improved awareness of the Argos brands. The combination of stores, catalogues, websites and home delivery options makes possible for the customers to choose the shopping experience that suits their particular lifestyle. The marketing director said that Argos is one of Britains best kept secrets and this advertising is going to engage a whole new audience with the brand.

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