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Published: 2019-10-10 12:32:33
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Explain the relationship between continental drift and the formation of the Earths Oceans? The relationship is unhealthy the continents are unable to commit to staying in one place so they are continuously moving so in response to this the oceans always changing their shape to get the continents to notice her. How did volcanoes affect the origins of the seas? Water vapor is one of the many gasses released during volcanic eruptions. The water in the oceans primarily originated from the condensation and precipitation of water vapor that had been out-gassed by volcanic eruptions over the 3-4 billions of years of Earths geologic history. (yahoo answers) Describe the hydrologic cycle as if you were a particle of water going through it.

The hydrologic cycle is essenically the water cycle so, im a droplet of water thats been heated enough to turn me into a gas and I rise up where I meet all my other water droplet friends we get pissed and start fighting and boucing around at a rate that so fast that causes electric activity. Eventually i move and change states. I always get tired of my friends no matter what state Im in! On the discussion board for assignment 01.06 post your response to this question: How are changes in climate and the hydrological cycle affecting the environment and your future? Post a response to one other students post on this question. Well im not sure about the second part of this question but from what I understand we are supposed to be headed towards another ice age but due to the amount of carbon and pollutants we are pumping into the air weve slowed down the earth schedule.

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