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Published: 2019-11-30 10:10:43
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Some say that the youths of today are irresponsible. This view merits consideration because it is debatable. Nowadays, vandalism become a trend around the teenagers. According in the Oxford Dictionary vandalism means a destruction by vandals. This vandalism has become a culture for the teenagers. This issue is making a country so ashamed towards the others country. There are many factors, effect and resolution for this issue. We must take a action to reduce this vandalism among the teenagers. Teenagers are the product of a community system.

Dysfunctional society will eventually produce a flawed product. Attitude of some people now who cared more about materialistic and indifferent to social issues certainly complicate the existing problem. According to many studies vandalism occurred in the city. Youth scribbling and damaging public property rather than not educated but the generation born in the city is difficult to control.

In urban areas some people do not care for what is happening around them. By the youth feel that they are free to pursue this regardless of the negative symptoms of a sense of responsibility towards public property. Vandalism activities also have adverse effects on society.

Activity causing vandalism of public property such as public telephones and so destroyed. It will be difficult for the community if they had to use public facilities for emergency purposes. Vandalism is often underestimated by the local community. They just sit back while the vandalism happened in front of their eyes. Finally people also suffer from the heinous activities. Community is difficult to make contact during emergency situations. Example public phones damaged during house is on fire.

In addition, the community is not comfortable while using other public property. Example wet while waiting for the bus because the bus stop damaged roof could not stop because of the rain. Graffiti on the walls of public toilets worsen and encourage the younger generation to emulate these unhealthy symptoms.

In addition, vandalism activities also affect the country. Vandalism activities cause and affect the countrys image tarnished Malaysias economic position. This is due to the lack of the arrival of tourists from outside to Malaysia because of the bad environment and attitudes of the people who do not care. In effect, the countrys tourism industry will decline. Industries in tourism is among the contributors to the countrys economic position. Decline in tourism caused by losses due to unemployed people had to repair and improve infrastructure and public facilities have been destroyed.

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Many vandalism phenomena that can affect the eye can see and this certainly affects the image of the country. Total losses due to this vandalism is enormous. Allocation of funds used for refurbishing and repairing damaged facilities is better if used for other projects that are more beneficial. This course will benefit the nation as a whole. There are many factors of being this vandalism among the teenagers. The first factors is peer influence. Peer influence can lead to vandalism.

Teenagers usually easier to copy and influence by their peers. Peer influence will shape the attitudes, values and behaviours among the youth, especially youth who have dropped out and family problem. Usually, teenagers who commit vandalism is a teenager in the group, they do not have a purpose and when gathered arise include scribbling ideas and damaging public property. Peer influence also make the teenagers become incautious about their studies and not focus about their education. Moreover, parenting and family also one of the factors of being the vandalism among the teenagers.

Parents are the impetus for the nature of vandalism among teenagers. For example, when driving parents littering or skin of fruits such as rambutan and oranges while ignoring the speed limit signs. Some teenagers who get caught in symptom vandalism comes from troubled families or families that practice negative life. According to a study carried out revenge vandalism by teenagers who want to be free and a troubled family background. Besides lack of proper control and guidance of parents also among the main factor influence youth stuck in negative symptoms.

Therefore, the measures to overcome the problem of vandalism among teenagers should be implemented immediately.First of all, parents should carry out an important role in cleaning up the vandalism. They need to monitor the activities of their children so as not slipping into the negative. Not only that, but mixing children should also be monitored in order to not make a mistake in choosing a partner. Moreover, parents should inculcate in themselves divinity children since childhood.

This is so because of religious knowledge can become a major fortification in preventing young people from influenced by negative elements like vanadalisme activities. If parents fulfill their roles properly, definitely vandalism can be easily overcome. Furthermore, role of society and the school should have to help this issue to reduce the vandalism among the teenagers. Every member of society should be concerned about and pay attention to their children not to do this wrong, and people should be aware of what is happening around them.

Community needs to be proactive against vandalism symptoms that occur in their area. In addition members of the community can play a vital role to provide an understanding of how bad moral vandalism. The school should provide advice and guidance to students about the importance of public property. Younger generation should be explained in detail about their responsibility for public property. Explain to students what their feelings if their school bags defaced or torn by irresponsible people such awareness will partly reflect the importance of attitude and responsibility.

Therefore, all parties, particularly the parents, the community, the government and schools should work together and carry out their obligations in order to reduce the symptoms of this increasingly serious. If the intention is successfully implemented, it is possible our country can stand, sit low in developed countries. Hopefully, with this solution, we are able to realize the Vision 2020 and is famous the world over.

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