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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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To convince the management, the owner must be able to communicate his ideas and perceptions clearly. The owner might face a bit of difficulty doing this, since the managers have been around for long, and they probably know their trade well. It is still possible, however. One of the things that the owner can do is gain the trust of his managers.

However, it cannot be the calculus-based trust or identification-based trust”it has to be through organizational citizenship behavior. Specifically, he has to make sure that each member of the management is treated fairly. For instance, with this issue, he must give each and every one a chance to voice out their opinion regarding the upgrading of the hotel, and explain why they are against it. This will let them know that even though the owners ideas may be in conflict with those of the managements, the owner still values their knowledge and respects their position as managers.

Once they all get their chance to share their thoughts, the owner should then explain his side, but trying not to compete with his managers as to which is the better plan, as this will only create friction, in the form of substantive conflict, and it will be even more difficult to convince the management to upgrade the hotel. Instead, the party should negotiate, or bargain, and try to find a common ground. Since everyone has had his side heard by this point, they can address the questions surrounding the issue of why upgrading to a 5-star hotel might be a bad idea, and what can be done to turn this around or to compensate for it.

Lastly, the owner should try to control his emotions when explaining his side. No matter how harsh or how blunt the management may be, regarding his decisions as unnecessary, the owner must remain emotionally stable. The same goes for the management”if one of them suddenly starts raising his voice, he should be calmed down before proceeding with the meeting. They should also be reminded of their positions”they are managers, not owners”and should respect the owners authority over them. The owner himself should not push his weight around.

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