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Managing Change Part III Electronic Arts is one of the leading video game developers within the gaming culture. With development sites located in Canada, Florida, Texas, and Louisiana EA has arguably become the mainstay in the gaming world and should remain competitive within that market for years to come. During this essay members from Team A will discuss the appropriate change model that should be applied to Electronic Arts in regards to incorporating change within the organization.

Next, the team will provide a step by step explanation of that model, and which model they selected for this organization. In addition, Team A will develop a communication plan for that change as well as how the three variables apply to EA. At the end of the essay the team will recap what was discussed. A change model is a tool that can be applied to the functioning of an organization. Change models capture the most important features that determine the function of an organization. Models are developed with specificity to an organizations culture. Models are useful in simplifying complex situations and making them more manageable.

A model can also help identify areas within the organization that needs more attention (Akin, Dunford, & Palmer, 2006). In relation to EA Sports, the most relevant to the current culture is the six-box model developed by Marvin Weisbord. Focus is placed on the relationship among the variables without singling out and concentrating on one individual part but on the entire model.

The current culture of EA Sports is conducive to enhancing their employees work environment. Using the first three variables of the six-box model, which are purpose, structure, and rewards can further enhance the capabilities of the company to motivate employees and satisfy customers. These variables, such as the purposes states or defines what business the company is in. EA Sports is a gaming company that manufactures games for video gaming systems, such as Play Station, and Xbox 360.

The structure helps to sort out the division of the work among teams to complete projects. EA Sports encourages employees to go big, take risks, and take the initiative to show leadership skills.

The rewards variable can assist the company in recognizing what incentives should be given employees for what tasks and the scope of those incentives (EA corporate, 2013). Applying these three variables of the six-box model can help the company improve future operations. The six box model for Electronic Arts is as followed: Communication Change Plan: Six Box Organizational Model

Electronic Arts Inc. Organization Planned Change Effort
Purpose: Electronic Arts Inc. company communication for a planned change effort, this transition initiative will take place throughout the next six months all employees and departments participation and attention is required and effective dates will be announced in the up and coming future. Audience: All Electronic Arts Inc. employees and departments (corporate officials, managers, supervisors, and associates. Strategy: There is a good reason for this change or transition initiative. In the past years company corporate officials at EA Inc. have been experimenting and testing new processes for the Electronic Arts organization and for its 9,300 plus employees. After years of analysis and experimental studies results show us that a new initiative for the company called the six box organizational model is the most successfully tested model for company implementation. This model has been discussed with company officials, different groups of current associates, and many other managers and supervisors from each of the individual departments. Reasoning:

¢As managers”indeed as members of the Electronic Arts Inc. organization in any capacity”we carry around in our heads our own views as to how things work, what causes what, and so forth, within our organization. In this sense, diagnosis exists whether or not explicit diagnostic models are used (Akin, Dunford, & Palmer, 2006). ¢Although these views may not be explicitly stated, as implicit models they still have a powerful capacity to guide how we think about situations that we face in our company, how we talk about those situations, and what we deem to be appropriate courses of action (Akin, Dunford, & Palmer, 2006).

¢The apparent option of EA Inc. not using a model is not a real option; the choice is whether EA Inc. should use one that is explicit or one that is implicit. ¢While implicit models may provide valuable insights based on accumulated experience, they do have limitations. First, they are likely to be based on the limited experience of one or a few employees at EA Inc.; thus, their generalizing ability may be uncertain. Second, because they are implicit, it is difficult for other employees to be aware of the framework/assumptions within which decisions are being made (Akin, Dunford, & Palmer, 2006). Blueprint for New Structure of Change

Six Box Organizational Model Representation
1.Purposes: What business are we in? The Business of Gaming. 2.Structure: How do we divide up the work? Teamwork through departmental cooperation. 3.Rewards: Do all tasks have incentives? Yes, EA prides itself on employee recognition. 4.Helpful mechanisms: Have we adequate coordinating technologies? The best the world has to offer and while making new progress with new technologies every day. 5.Relationships:

How do we manage conflict among people? With technologies? EA Inc. manages conflict from the point of origin EA works with involved parties to insure the best resolution possible for the best of the parties involved and for the overall good of the company. Technological conflict is managed and monitored by our EA company officials working closely with our EA ethics department to insure that our clients and customers are happy with all products and safe from harm thanks to new and current regulations.

6.Leadership: Does someone keep the boxes in balance? This new implementation will have a new system of checks and balancing. This new system will also include positions for auditing which will be pursued through external sources that company officials have compiled. This transition will be modeled by all leadership within the company so no employee should feel left out. Example: EA Inc. recognizes a visual representation of the six box organizational model is as akin to a radar screen: Just as air controllers use radar to chart the course of aircraft”height, speed, distance apart and weather”EA Inc. is seeking organizational improvement and must observe relationships among the boxes and not focus on any particular blip.

That is, while one variable might be identified as the department requiring the greatest attention, the systemic effect of any change must be noted (Akin, Dunford, & Palmer, 2006). Future Formats: Alongside our visually appealing change plan model, we will, if
necessary, employ more direct leadership both internally and externally to assist with any changes. We are very much interested in trying this more grassroots approach first, however, as we believe the outside-the-box qualities it possesses are perfect indicators of current company structure weakness. EA Inc. does not believe or foresee any company mishaps in this mass company endeavor. Closing: This project is a chance to let the EA Inc. organizational employee team and departments creativity shine! Thinking of low-budget ways to improve company protocol shows leadership and effectiveness from all chain of command within the company.

The departments with the best adaptability to the new company initiative will receive bonuses, rewards, and more. Weisbords last three variables are helpful mechanisms, relationships, and leadership. EAs helpful mechanisms, which question their coordinating technologies, are one reason EA is of the leading sports entertainment brands in the world. EA has award winning interactive technology programs and cross-platform digital experiences. EA is an official Sports Technology Partner with Premier League and through this partnership and involvement with official match data; EA has developed unique match study tools to improve the knowledge and viewing experience of fans around the world. In addition, EA can measure players input to the success of his or her team using objective measures with an in-depth statistics matrix called Player Performance Index (Barclays Premier League, 2013).

Dedicated to striving for excellence in technology, EA has also launched their new Ignite technology. This technological change is to build a code base for games to draw from when they are being developed. This will prevent the repeat of past events by adding specific codes to one of EAs sports game series, like Madden, and many times that technology did not flow over to other game franchises because the team responsible for that specific game develops the changes to the game. EA will use Ignite technology for four next-generation sports titles, which are FIFA 14, EA Sports UFC, Madden NFL 25, and NBA Live (Dean, 2013). The next variable is relationships, which questions how EA manage conflict among people. As with any organization, EA do not tolerate conflict. If the parties involved cannot peacefully resolve conflict, certain employees are in place to handle any conflict that may arise. At EA, the parties involved determine who will handle the conflict.

The first stage will be supervisors or department managers if the employees are both of lower levels. Afterwards the problem will be the responsibility of human resources if the conflict involves management. It is in the best interest of the company and all parties involved to respond quickly to conflict and try to reach an acceptable solution (Scott, 2013).

The management of technological conflict occurs among employees. When someone finds something wrong, this individual will report the problem to proper personnel. The last variable is leadership, which questions does someone keep the boxes in balance. At EA, every position is important to the organization. Regardless if it is the receptionist taking care of the customers or clients, the production coordinator working on a game, management trying to meet deadlines, or executive employees keeping up with the flow of the business; without each employee providing the skills at the highest level of excellence the company will not be what it is today.

Therefore, the boxes are kept in place by the dedication of each employee not just one (Electronic Arts, 2008). This essay focused on the gaming company Electronic Arts. During this essay members of Team A provided a six box model to help incorporate any change that may be necessary for EA. The team also explained what a change model is and how it captures the most important features of a company. Next, the team provided an example of how the six box model would work with EA. Before concluding the team discussed Weisbords three variables (mechanisms, relationships, and leadership) and how they would fit within this organization.

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