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Published: 2019-10-10 12:36:01
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Outcome 1: Understand how to plan and prioritise work and be accountable to others

1.1 The purpose and benefit of planning work is that it gives you a rough estimate of how long the work will take, what equipment or resources will be needed to complete the work and what budget will be needed it also makes it easier for you to plan your day to day work. If you are then asked what work you have been doing you can show them therefore being accountable for your work.

1.2 The purpose and benefits of negotiating realistic targets for work is that you can give yourself time to complete the job without giving yourself extra stress when running out of time and also making sure there is sufficient time that the job is completed to the required standard .You can do this by discussions with colleagues on how long tasks may take and planning each stage to ensure that each stage is completed on time so you know that you are keeping to the targets for the whole project to be finished on time.

1.3 It is best to prioritise targets with the most urgent tasks being high priority then work out how long each task may take and break it down into steps a diary is a good tool so you can put each step into the diary to help you keep on target.

1.4 The types of problems that can occur during work are:

A higher priority task may be given to you
Staff absences
Equipment failure E.g. problems with computer

These problems can be dealt with by informing the manager that there may be a problem with completing on time so any necessary adjustments can be made, having other members of staff available to cover absences and reporting equipment failure to the necessary people as soon as possible as to get repairs done quickly.

1.5 It is important to keep other people informed on the progress because it helps them to see what targets have been reached and as to whether there may be a delay in completing the task.

1.6 It is important to let other people know if work plans need to be changed so that they in turn can change their work plan to ensure that the job is still completed on time and to a high standard

1.7 The benefit of recognising mistakes is to ensure that the same mistakes are not made twice, this will benefit the company be saving them time and money as the task will not need doing again. You can learn from your mistakes be recognising what you did wrong and taking steps to ensure that the same thing doesnt happen again.

1.8 The purpose of guidelines and procedures is that, you know what has to be done and how it has to be done. There is no chance for you to go wrong, and make mistakes. The purpose of this Code of Practice is to establish clear and mutual expectations. This helps to minimise the risks and problems of personal difficulties, problems with supervision, or bad performance.

Outcome 2: Understand how to behave in a way that supports effective working.

2.1The purpose of setting high standards for my own work is to enable me to do my best and therefore produce work of a high standard.

2.2Ways of setting high standards for my work involves me talking to my line manager and agreeing ways as to how I can improve my performance then each day trying to produce work of a higher standard.

2.3The best way to deal with pressure arising from work tasks is to make sure you allow your self enough time to complete tasks when nearing a deadline and work is not completed the best way to deal with the pressure is to keep yourself disciplined and ensure you keep to your plan of work and at the same time talking to your line manager and other colleagues to explain the pressure that you are under so that between you all you can come to an arrangement to get the work completed.

2.4When a setback occurs you need to accept that this is part of life but at the same time do what is needed to try and lesson the effect of the set back on your colleagues and the company as a whole and learn from the set back to try and prevent it from happening again.

2.5It is important to be assertive so that any points or suggestions that you make are listened to and your opinion is taken seriously it is also important to be assertive so that you feel confident to say no when being given more work than you can handle this will benefit you and the company as it will reduce the pressure on yourself therefore leaving you more able to do you work to a higher standard.

2.6It is necessary to be assertive when there is the need to say no when you have high priority work to complete but are also been given more work that may not be so urgent. It is also important to be assertive in meetings and staff reviews to ensure that you get your point across so you and your colleagues are aware of your and their own goals and responsibilities.

2.7 It is important to be able to be ready to take on new challenges and adapt to change as this challenges you as a person and improves your quality of work also being able to adapt to change is important as everything in life changes especially regarding to technology so not being able to adapt will make it difficult for you to do your work efficiently therefore having a negative effect on you and the company.

2.8The purpose of treating others with honesty, respect and consideration is that when working in a team everyone needs to feel that they are being treated fairly this will enable the team to be able to run more smoothly while also building a good working relationship within the team and work will be produced to a higher standard.

2.9Types of behaviour that show honesty, respect and consideration are:

Listening to others points of view and opinions
Always speaking the truth yourself
Praising colleagues on work well done
Treating people fairly
Respecting others feelings

Types of behaviour that do not show honesty, respect and consideration are:

Telling lies yourself
Running people down to other members of staff
Not valuing other peoples feelings
Not treating everyone the same

Picking fault with others work rather than using tact and diplomacy Ignoring or not listening to others points of view and opinions

2.10The purpose and benefit of helping and supporting others at work are that you are building a healthy working relationship and being an important part of a team this will enable everyone to get on well and therefore they will produce better quality work. Supporting the people you work with builds their confidence as well as your own whilst showing that you can support the team being part of the team or as their team leader.

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