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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Society is in all shapes and forms a lie. Consumerism drives our economy, our government, and our lives. As a people we are amazed and enthralled by the new technology that has become available to us in recent years. From smart phones to 3-d televisions we have it all, technology may as well be an extention of our bodies at this rate, it is creeping in. The speed at which technology has developped is impressive to say the least, we are able to make the blind see, the def hear, or the mute able speak. Computers have connected the world, opening a wealth of information to anyone witch access.

With the annoucement of a new wearable computer called Google Glass we have taken a step forward into the cyborg age, not only that but we have taken a step into the what will be known as Surveillance States. We have given the oppurtunity to the government to control us even further. There are many positive and negative developments that come with the age of information, like the ease of accesing information from anywhere, to constantly being watched by our government or even to the militirization of these technologies. How could this affect our lives today, and more importantly tomorrow?

Mann is an innovator, a man who excels in the field of technology. He had created a portable CD player before they were officially marketed, in time he began working on a portable computer that would allow him to access any of the information he needed. He even created a program that would replace ads on bilboards with things he felt were more important, and that he wanted to see. Some may wonder when this technology may be available but the fact of the matter is, it is available. It is all around us, Mann began experimenting with portability and computer in 1987.

It is now the year 2013, and the technology has developped at an exponential rate, with the release of Google Glass we will be able to live the way Mann lived, replacing ads we dont want to see with other things that interest us. Another thing this technology will allow us to accomplish is having a better understanding of dissabilities, and how we can correct them; that is to say giving a blind individual the ability of sight. Weve had the technologies to accomplish these feats for some time, but is only until now that we have seen them begin to surface.

Not everything about these technological advancements are good, although they may seem that way we must always think about the way this tech can change our lives, potentially for the worst. With the route government is taking these technologies might end up being used against us, inventions like Google Glass will permit the government to have 24/7 surveillance of everything we do. Countries have slowly been turning into Surveillance states, all illusions of privacy are slowly being taken away and we are doing nothing to change this.

The population has been made docile, we sit at home on computers and walk around with phone in hand while the world around us closes in; slowly suffocating us until we can no longer catch our breath. Soon enough all of this technology will be implemented into our bodies, turning us into, basically, cyborgs. Can we expect to live life like Mr. Roboto, becoming the modern man. Imagine seeing Robocop prowling the streets for miscreants while we all access our own personal HUD the song that is playing.

These are the things we can come to expect, along with a number of severe problems; cyber terrorism, iruss, trojan horses, key stroke programs (that is to say, in this context, a program able to acces your mind and watch everything you do). How will these issues be resolved is a mystery as it is nearly impossible to eradicate and keep up with the number of programs that are being made even today. Will the human race become more machine than man? Can we still consider ourselves human if we are made up of more computer and metal then we are of flesh? How will we experience life differenty? Do we really want to take this direction with technologie, considering the repercussions of such an act and the sacrifice involved?

It may be safe to say that we may be going too far. Although the technological advancements we are creating are phenomenal we cannot expect them to be used to only improve our lives; it is a well known fact that the human race is a self-destructive creature, and seems to be addicted to finding new and more efficient ways to kill eachother. That being said the technological era we are moving into brings a great many benefits to society, and to the army. The militirization of these innovations will be inevitable. This can be both seen as good and bad, depending on your point of view.

War often incites change and pumps up the economy, although with these technologies we will be experiencing a different kind of war, one that could quite possibly affect us all. What will happen to these technologies in the coming years is somewhat of a mystery, perhaps Johny Mnemonic will be the world of tomorrow, those who chose to augment themselves versus those who did not. This technology brings a number of opportunities to better our lives, we will be able to improve our life span and cure more illness and disease, amputees will be able to live normally and those with ental dissabilities may be cured with the use of microchips.

With the direction we are taking concerning technology we will have to come to expect that the government will take advantage of these technologies, with profit in mind, and it is very likelly that the uneven distribution of wealth and power will be easily distinguishable in the world of tomorrow. It is impossible to know exactly what the future holds and so we must simply do what we can today, to ensure that tomorrow is the way we want it too be. With that said, how far away are we from being able to see into the future?

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