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Published: 2019-12-19 22:32:14
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Lush Cosmetics is a brilliant company with a lot of new ideas and most of Lush products are handmade and marked by the producer (Lush, 2014). Nowadays, Lush become very popular around the world developing steadily. However, Lush still has a couple of problems to improve after researching described by 4Ps. To be clearer, Lush will be compared with the some famous British cosmetics company The Body Shop (The Body Shop, 2014).

Compared with The Body Shop, Lush does not have enough type of skincare products, especially for man (The Body Shop, 2014). Different kind of skin, such as neutral, dry, oil and sensitive skin has different demand of skincare products. It is clear to see the special man skincare products in The Body Shop, but there is no special man skincare product in Lush. Furthermore, the color, design and shape have an effect on how a product looks rather than how it works, but except the appearance of Lush product, the design and shape of product need to have a change (Lush, 2014). For example, when consumers buy the irregular soap back to home, it is so hard for them to find a place or a case to put these products as wetting. The shape of same soaps shape is round, which may roll anywhere, so that the designer should have a consideration for the customer how to keep such irregular product when consumer use them at second time.

The price of the Lush products is a little higher than the same function products of other brands. For example, one of the most popular products in Lush is Big, a shampoo, costs £12.25 (Lush, 2014), and the same function shampoo in The Body Shop is £4.5. It is clear that the price of Lush product is expensive than others. Also, Lush improves their price once a year, The Big used to be £11.50 (Lush, 2013). At the same time, The Body Shop seldom improves its products price (The Body Shop, 2014).

In the promotion aspect of Lush, its promotion method is quite single. In the book edited by Adrian Mackay, Simonetti and Brenda (2004) indicate that the institution of Sales Promotion and the trade association defined promotion as A consumer or business directed marketing activity that enhances product appeal by offering an extra incentive to purchase or participate. Compared with The Body Shop, it shows special voucher code on their website, give high discount, and free delivery to the customer when they purchase over a certain amount products. After browsing the Lush website, the only promotion method found is that customers can get a free mask if they take six empty mask pots back to Lush shops. So this promotion is only for mask customers but mask is just one category of their product lines.

For the place of local store, the consumer has very limited access to Lush products. To be more specifically, Lush only has one store in one city center and do not have any counter in shopping malls. So the local store is always very crowded. Second, Lush does not corporate with any cosmetics website, so the only way to buy Lush products online is visit its official website. As it is not free shipping, consumers may be not willing to pay the delivery fee when they only want to buy one or two products. It is also interesting to find Lush offer next day delivery and standard delivery for their products in their delivery information (Lush, 2014). However, standard delivery could take 3-5 working days to deliver a product. Most of Lush mask should be kept in fridge and used within three weeks. It is puzzled that how can they guarantee the freshness of its products as it declared.

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