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Published: 2020-01-09 23:20:06
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As a Catholic, I wish to preserve the values that were instilled in me-those that define a person. It is said that everything starts from our family. They are the one that hour as all the influence that change and lead us where are we now. Our mothers served as our first teachers. Our fathers seemed to be our first ball of our first basketball match. Our brothers and sisters portrayed the role of our first best buddies. Indeed, they are what who made us. We owe them what we are today especially our parents.

So first thing, I want to instill in the minds of the next generation, the values of a Filipino family. I thank the Lord for giving me a family that is bounded with love and harmony. I wish every child would honor their mothers and fathers as what Jesus had commanded us. I wish we as a children, would not just look into our parents as mere providers of our needs and pleasures. They are more than a provider of the material entity. They give immaterial things, immortal love and endless sacrifice.

How great is our sin if we dont even at least to make a coffee for them to every morning or offer a meal whenever they are already exhausted or tired with the entire day of work. We only have one chance of having a family, once they are gone, they are gone forever. So let us preserve the closeness of our family or the close family ties we had learned in our countrys culture. Let the next generation enjoy the unconditional love of God through our family.

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