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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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This paper intends to show how males and females communicate and love each other. It also aims to discuss why such communication and love for each other may lead to dilemmas. Finally, it will also identify the ways in which both genders may learn to communicate and love in a more effective manner. Communication of Males There are several ways in which a male communicates. Some are the following: First of all, males usually do not approach anybody with regards to their problems (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). In fact, they usually feel that there is no need to share such personal issues (Lieberman, n.d. , n. p. ).

Second, males brag when they are jealous (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). They say that they are more dominant than the ones they are jealous about reiterating on what positive and impressive characteristics they have that the other guys, whom they are jealous of, do not exhibit (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Third, males prefer to disseminate information with regards to themselves (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). They are not into inquiry (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). They feel that to let others know is a way of showing how excellent they are (Lieberman, n.d. , n. p. ).

Fourth, males prefer to move on to another subject and go get a drink together when they are faced with an argument or disagreement (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). They communicate with others who are not involved in the argument or disagreement as if nothing terrible happened to them (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Last but not least, males prefer to articulate about facts, reason, and logic (Gerlach, 2007, n. p. ). Communication of Females On the other hand, there are several ways in which a female communicates as well. Some are the following:

First, females usually get in touch with other females in case they are faced with a dilemma and needed to come up with a final decision with regards to it (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Second, females usually speak up when they are jealous (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). What they do is to compare themselves with the women they are jealous about (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). They tend to look into the similarities that they both possess (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Third, females on the other hand, choose to ask questions first before sharing whatever it is that they experienced (Lieberman, n.d. , n. p. ).

They feel that this is a much better way to carry out a communication and an excellent way of building rapport with others (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Fourth, when faced with argument or disagreement, females usually lash out at everything and everyone and affects all aspects of their relationship (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Last but not least, females on the other hand, would like to articulate feelings, senses, and meanings (Gerlach, 2007, n. p. ). Males Manner of Loving Females Some of the ways that males exhibit their love for females are the following:

They show their love by preventing them from worrying too much (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Typically males no longer inform the females the arising dilemmas for fear that the girl will only end up worrying too much (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). In addition to that, they show their love by not speaking about the issue anymore after having an argument or disagreement with her (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Females Manner of Loving Males Some of the ways that females exhibit their love for males are the following:

Instead of hurting the males by telling them about their real thoughts/emotions about a certain issue, the females approach their female friends instead (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). In addition to the aforementioned, they would rather ask the males with regards to a certain sensitive issue before moving on to discuss about it (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Dilemmas Arising from the aforementioned Communications With the aforementioned differences in communication between the male and female genders, dilemmas will surely sprout from such and some are the following:

The fact that males do not share their problems to their respective female partners make the females feel that the males do not trust them enough; the same is true with the females who typically share their dilemmas to their female friends instead of their male partners (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Second, jealousy will send a relationship to an end if uncontrolled (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). The way the male reacted will annoy the female because of his flaunting attitude while the way the female reacted will upset the male as well (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ).

Third, the males way of letting others know about themselves is sort of bragging and may be a little bit too much for females to take or accept (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Males appear to be extremely assuming that females want to listen to whatever it is they want to say (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Females want to ask first so that they would not be charged for bragging and spoil the entire communication process (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Fourth, the females usually lead the relationship on the rocks because of their attitude of getting mad at everything and everyone when they are faced with argument or disagreement (Lieberman, n.d. , n. p. ).

The males, on the other hand, may either improve the relationship because they were cool about it or irritate the females and make them feel that not re-discussing the arguments and disagreements meant that they do not care too much about their relationship (Lieberman, n. d. , n. p. ). Ways of Communicating Properly There are several ways in which both genders may communicate properly and some are the following: It is important to provide explanations for whatever argument or disagreement (Gerlach, 2007, n. p. ).

Both the female and the male should be able to provide reasons why they want such (Gerlach, 2007, n. p. ). Furthermore, it is important not to walk out or just shut up with a certain issue, it should be discussed about so that there would be closure, as well as, so that it would not happen again in the future (Gerlach, 2007, n. p. ). Moreover, submission and acceptance of other peoples cultures, beliefs, etc should be respected (Gerlach, 2007, n. p. ). There should be room for what is technically referred to as a compromise (Gerlach, 2007, n.p. ).

This is because there are several issues wherein no one will really give in because of principles, pride, religious beliefs etc (Gerlach, 2007, n. p. ). Ways of Loving Effectively To love effectively is to carry out or exhibit the following: 1) trusting each other; 2) allotment of adequate time for communication; 3) solving dilemmas together; 4) being a listener; 5) emphasizing o a certain issue but doing it respectfully; 6) learning to forgive; 7) uphold humor; and last but not least 8) genuine concern (Pettinger, 2007, n. p. ).


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