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Published: 2020-02-19 03:52:31
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When you lose one bodily sense, its as if you lost another since all these senses are interconnected. Even so, we are also made to adapt to conditions making the remaining senses stronger, more inclined to make up for the loss of the other. Lets say I sudden got blind due to an accident. If this happens, my whole life would drastically change and the full coloured life I used to live will now turn black. I would have to be escorted around places and would have to get used to enhancing my sense of touch and feeling since these will be my primary guides through life along with my sense of hearing.

I believe, of all the senses minus the sense of sight, the sense of touch and hearing will compensate for the loss. Next is the sense of smell and lastly the taste since we generally dont eat or put anything in our mouth that we dont really know if its edible. I would surely miss watching television and will instead, get used to listening to the sounds or the words the T. V. or radio would say. And most of all, I would surely miss seeing the people I meet everyday and lessen my chances of finding a mate since most people are very onto the physical.

With all these things I will miss, I would not only be emotionally affected by my disability, there would also come a time when I might feel self pity and unconfident to face the world. What if I lose my sense of hearing after having lost my sense of sight? Surely, this would bring me so much grief since the sense of hearing is one my guides in moving about in the blind world I am in. I might go into depression and feel so sorry for myself that I might not function well.

But soon, I would have to pick up the pieces and rely on the remainder of my senses, having my sense of touch as my most trusted bodily sense then my sense of smell and my taste. My once world of sounds and feeling would change into a dark and silent world that will surely psychologically affect me since I have already learned to live with my ears as my guide then suddenly I would only have my sense of touch to trust, not knowing what something is before I really get hold of it.

After having adjusted to life through touching and feeling, if by chance, I lose this too; I might go through a deeper depression and feel so much self-pity that I might even try to commit suicide. I feel so invalid and almost dead for not being able to even fend for myself. By this time I believe I could not really go on life alone without someone to assist me since the one thing that has helped me get through all my disabilities is gone, I could no longer go on.

I might as well be dead as to having just my sense of taste and smell left with me. In case I stay alive to lose my sense of taste and later my sense of smell, it would no longer matter so much since I am almost considered a walking dead. Unable of anything a normal person could feel, see, smell, hear or even taste. I would most likely want to go through euthanasia and end my misery of losing the most common of senses in the most legal and accepted way.

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