Loneliness theme within Steinbecks Of Mice and Men Essay

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Loneliness is the theme Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. He describes loneliness, and secluded lives of men who work on the ranch. George and Lennie who together share a dream, their partnership of farming their own land. Mutually they partake in a relationship so rare, travelling so many miles together building independence upon one another. Lennies loving puppy-like character has its advantages and disadvantages. His natural simplicity is also considered as naivety, which in many cases leads to disaster.

For instance he reverts to fighting when he cant get his way Crashing back through the bush. This proves his childish qualities and immaturity. As with George who adopts a father figure role is by far more realistic, sensible and reliable. Hes independent suggesting that I could get along so easy and so nice if I didnt have you no my tail¦live easy and get a girl. Alone the two would not survive the cruel ways of the world but together as where one lacks the other gains building a strong companionship.

We discover further information about the lonely lives of specific characters living on the ranch from chapter two onwards. Steinbeck at the beginning of chapter two sets the scene. He illustrates the deserted spread of land of which, Lennie and George come across the ranch. They encounter an unfamiliar face by the name of Swamper, a crippled old man who introduced them to the bunkhouse and discussed Whitey a former worker. Whitey was a blacksmith, was strangely hygienic and kept himself to himself.

He had the tendency to dress-up even when he wasnt going anywhere put on a necktie even as the swamper described. He had recently quit as he had an issue with all food. This I feel shows a life of very small meaning. I cant imagine anyone who is completely fulfilled to pick at food for the reason of just because? Gimme my time. This I think is Steinbeck showing some evidence of loneliness. A man could be so desolate that he would look to find any excuse to make a fuss, to be noticed. He seemed to create the excitement in which he lacked so desperately, dressing up on any occasion possible a reason to wake up each morning!

A character in the story that experiences loneliness is the swamper also known as Candy. A friendly and elderly man, who has worked at the ranch for many years. He stays at the bunkhouse with a dog as a companion. Candy and his dog are inseparable. Candy depends on the loyal hound, and they have shared many happy times together. Later on in the story, Candys dog is forced to be put down for the reason that the rest of the workers disagree for the nasty and decayed mutt to be kept alive.

The workers constantly complained of the redolence of the dog However, Candy and his dog were literally attached by the hip and the stench had become unnoticeable and became part of Candy he had been around him so much ¦ I never notice how he stinks. This I think explains part of Candys loneliness that without his dog there is a great emptiness within him. George and Lennie soon befriended Candy after the death of the dog, proposing a chance to go into business together. This seems like the opportunity of a lifetime to Candy, his hope for companionship and a secure job to rely on. His destiny to find fulfilment in many respects has come true and will do any thing in his own power to make sure its not taken away from him.

Another character that is lonely is Curlys Wife an attractive woman with full rouged lips and wide spaced eyes, heavily made-up. Fingernails painted red, hair hung in little rolled clusters. She was known to be flirtatious with a bitchy personality, a terrible reputation. Curlys Wife had seen life as a disappointment failing in her lifes goals coulda been in the movies said so frequently and her bitterness towards anyone who was happier or more successful than herself. She is found picking on those less fortunate than her as when she made the remark They left all the weak ones here, clearly it obvious that the comment was meant to be offensive.

A reason for all this cruel behaviour may be loneliness Curlys Wife has no friends and a husband that ignores her. He never seems to be around Any you boys seen Curly? Hes usually in a hoar house or out with the guys. Although, extremely over protective of her. The ranch workers had little respect for Curlys Wife by speaking of her as something of Curlys, no importance she often feels that she is never wanted. Curlys Wife discovers Lennies desire of her in which she takes of advantage of. For once there is someone with an interest of her I get lonely¦ I never get to talk to nobody. When Curlys wife hides behind the make or makes rude remarks it could be because shes insecure within herself, lacking confidence so when she puts people down it makes her feel better.

The character that experiences the most loneliness is Crooks also known as the Nigger.

He is crippled from a damaged spine resulting in an odd shape figure (hunch back). He is described to have eyes deep in his head ¦ his lean face was lined with deep black wrinkles, and thin pain-tightened lips which were lighter than his face. Crooks lives alone as around the time the story was set to be in there were race issues causing discrimination, which was unfortunate for Crooks. Over the years of working in such a secluded environment Crooks seemed to have become bitter and nasty warning people away Dont come where youre not wanted. Crooks seemed to talk to no one other than Slim a real skinner he looks out for his team. Crooks respected Slim, as he was the only one who would treat him as if he were a human being. You learn about Crooks when Lennie approaches him in his bunk.

At first he is completely against the idea and tries to worry Lennie with the thought that George maybe hurt or unable to come back Spose he gets killed, or hurt so much, he cant come home. This was poof of Crooks evil way of thinking leaving Lennies mind running crazy but he shortly reassures him saying he will come back, no need to worry. We discover later that Crooks lived a happy childhood playing with the white kids from next door. He also had close relationships with his brothers. It was later on in life that the harsh world ended up him living such a lonely life. He is self-conscious, believing no one to ever like him so when he meets Lennie and discovers he actually takes interest in him, he is shocked and even suggest to help in the assistance of the business between George, Candy and Lennie when he over here the discussion between the three.

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