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This is a book in which the author presents events which took place some thirty years ago. The author tells us that as recent as thirty years ago, majority of the Inuit lived a lifestyle which can be said to be much like that of their fore fathers or forbearers. This also happens to be the origin and the meaning of the title of the book Living on the Land, They live with the men who are hunting according to the methods which can be referred as being time honored.

While this is happening, the women are performing the same around but their task involves among others the daily tasks that there great grandmothers and then their grandmothers and their mothers had done. (Matthiasson, 1996) In the present times, these people happen to live typically in settlements. Some of these people however, happen to be distinctly urban in character. It is in this setting that the author tell us that the adults in the region use electric appliances and they work for wages, during the same time, the children listen to stereos and then run about the whole settlement on their motorbikes.

The author also observed that the current children of this community may look back in fond nostalgia on the lifestyle of their parents especially when they lived on the land. Unfortunately, the author cannot return to it. It is in this context that the author who for many years has remained in contact with the Tununermiut offers both the extent of the enormous changes of the past thirty years and a vivid picture of Inuit society as it was. The author has remained in touch or rather in contact with this society since 1960s.

(Matthiasson, 1996) As I read the book, I tried to get the main objective of the author. I realized that the author wanted to help the reader understand the life of the Inuit as it was. The author wants us to understand the life of this society as it was. This is something that the author achieves as he wrote down chapter by chapter. He does this by providing a rich account of the culture of the Inuit. He also does this by providing experiences and reflections which are personalized.

He uses himself as if he was part of the society and this way, he is able to put a clear picture of the life as it was in this land. (Matthiasson, 1996) The author also achieves his objective through the way be brings meaning to the case study which is featured in the book. He illustrates how perspectives on indigenous people can be viewed as being largely shaped by the dominant ideologies and narratives of the times. Another objective of the author could be to make this book readable and this is something which the author has been able to achieve through the content presented in the book.

(Matthiasson, 1996) In the book, the author uses case study to present the information concerning this group of people. This is the case which is properly explained in all the chapters of the book. The author does this by first explaining the basics of how one can be a Inuit. This provides a good base as one has the basic and properly understands the requirements that one needs to put in place before he or she claims to follow the footsteps of this community.

With the explanation that the author has made concerning different issues which are affecting the community for instance the description of the Inuit, the description of the Canadian, the description of the trading which later become a settlement, the life at the camp in the contact traditional period, the coming of the bureaucrats are among the issues which the author has clearly addressed in the book and they really help the reader to understand the community discussed in the book. (Matthiasson, 1996)

Even though this happens to be the only method of data collection that has been used by the author, I believe that the author could have used more methods than this one so as to make the information which is presented more precise. The author also happens to have lived in this community and therefore he would have used the other methods of data collection or rather other research methods. Such of the methods which would have been helpful to the author is such as interviews which would have been conducted to the natives people.

This way, the author would have had a clearer picture than he had. In addition, a case study may misrepresent some aspect of the society as it may fail to cater for all the issues which may be affecting the community. (Matthiasson, 1996) In beginning of the book, the author wants us to understand what becoming an Inuit entails. As one reads the book, we find that the author has clearly presented the information that he wanted to present. He does so by tackling a variety of the issues in the community.

Among the main issues which have been properly discussed in the book by the author is the various activities which takes place in the community. The author presents the life in the community as it is and develops in stages from the life of the community in their villages to the community leadership and other aspects which are common to any community. (Matthiasson, 1996) The author presents the life of people in the community from their camp life to the settlement and also the rise in the different systems of leadership.

He then presents the life of the people some ten years later where he addresses political scenes and the homes in the settlement and then in the epilogue the author discusses the various changes in politics and identity, the coming up of the new political paradigm, the large matrix which we understand are the Inuit among the other Aboriginals and finally talks of the present. (Matthiasson, 1996) The book may be said to have all the materials which one would require incase he or she is interested with the community. These are the strengths of the book.

It presents the community in details presenting all the information concerning all the activities which the community was involved in. this ranges from the way of life of the community to the various development which take place in the community. This is clearly presented in the book in the various chapters. The author starts with the simple community and then as the book goes on, the author develops the community integrating the political life of the community towards the middle and the end of the book. (Matthiasson, 1996) I can say that the book compares to the similar monographs that I have read.

This is because; the book presents only one topic as just like any other monograph. The book only discusses on this one community and the way of life of this community from the beginning to the end. All the issues which are discussed in the book have something to do with the community. This happens to be the case with other monographs such as In and Out of Morocco which also presents a single idea of smuggling and immigration and their effect on the economy of Morocco.

Bibliography Matthiasson, J. S. (1996). Living on the Land. U. S. A. : Broadview Press.

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