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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Education is one of the most basic factors for the uplifting of mans basic level of understanding. The Middle East has suffered the most in terms of illiteracy of its nationals. UAE which is the most promising country in terms of infrastructure and economy of the Middle East has laid out certain strategic developments for the future. The United Arab Emirates had a very high illiteracy rate in the new millennium and it was estimated to be over 22%.

The first of the countrys strategy was to recognize the problems complexity which is exactly done by UAE and has released a mammoth capital of $2 billion for the same cause. The government of UAE has strategized the situation well and has kept their primary focus on educating the teachers and professors on proper education techniques and making them learn about following proper accreditation guidelines. The project has already been launched by sending hundred school principals to various countries for gaining experience on teaching methods used by international developed countries

The part of strategizing is having the pilot testing programs, which exactly is being done by the government of UAE in ten public schools, where right from the level of education to the insight on infrastructure will be given a complete overhaul. UAE has targeted 100% literacy rates in 2015 and for achieving this target the strategies that are being are not only for children but also emphasis has been given on adult education. The following will shed light on the governments intention of educating illiterate adults of the country:

Thousands of nationals pursuing formal learning at 86 adult education centers across the country. Many of them are above 50 years of age. A large number of graduates from these evening schools have enrolled for higher education at various universities (Courtesy: Team KT, UAE targets total literacy. 16 March 2008 . Retrieved on November 29, 2008 from http://www. khaleejtimes. com/DisplayArticleNew. asp? xfile=data/theuae/2008/March/theuae_March498. xml§ion=theuae&col=)

The country is doing well in its planning and its implementation and the stratagem to the problem if illiteracy has been very seriously executed.

Reference: 1) Team KT, UAE targets total literacy. 16 March 2008. http://www. khaleejtimes. com/DisplayArticleNew. asp? xfile=data/theuae/2008/March/theuae_March498. xml§ion=theuae&col 2) Andy Sambidge, UAE education chief reveals $2bn strategy. 17 November 2008. http://www. arabianbusiness. com/538482-uae-education-chief-reveals-2bn-strategy

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