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Published: 2019-11-05 15:10:17
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Our life has been full with the uses of plastic in our daily life, in food and beverages to the appliances surrounding our daily life. Plastic was made from simple chains of molecules that are linked together called as Polymers. Thus, make many types of plastics are named starting with Poly such Polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) More commonly known as rubbish or garbage such as packaging products, grass clippings, furniture, clothing, bottles, food scraps, newspapers, household appliances, paint, these daily items we use then throw away, and battery. It comes from our homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses [2].

Each year, a report on the EPA Advanced Certificate Management Amendment: Facts and Figures 2013, formerly known as Municipal Solid Waste in the United States: Facts and Figures. It contains information on municipal solid waste generation, recycling, and disposal. MSW trace after 30 years, source limit reports (waste prevention) MSW and MSW tipping landfill fees for historical information, generation and demolition Additional information on the information, which has been extended to include outside the scope. The new name emphasizes the importance of sustainable content management (CM).

CM refers to the use and recycling of materials in a more productive and durable manner throughout their entire lifecycle. SMM practices to conserve resources reduce waste, slow climate change, the materials we use to reduce their impact on the environment. In 2013, nearly 254 million tons of garbage, recycled and converted to US fertilizer products of 87 million tons, equivalent to 34.3 percent recycling rate was generated. On average, we recycled and 40: 40 pounds per person per day.

Even from that, plastic is a very crucial part of our everyday lives, as it been used and basically can be found everywhere. Some examples of usage of plastics are in electronics and surgical instrument as plastic is lightweight, cheap and easy to build. Other than that, plastic is very useful when dealing with durability along with times, it is because plastics dont easily be damaged by surrounding, unlike iron that can rust over time if in contact with water. Plastic also has a great impact on our today telecommunication, as the world evolves with the technology, a higher demand for internet is needed and fiber optics cable for faster communication with others is needed. The main substances used to produce fiber optic is plastic, in vehicles plastic parts is also one of the major parts needed as it used because it optimizes the power usage and makes them more efficient. The parts that used plastic in a vehicle are including seats, polycarbonate windows and interior panel.

Basically, plastic has its own advantages and disadvantages that made it impossible to be ban completely as its usage in every part of daily lives. Even though, it has an important role as one of the vital resources in domestic and also industrial, because of plastics characteristics that are durable, water-resistant, lightweight and cheaper. The usage of plastic needs to supervise and handled appropriately for disposal. Not properly disposing of plastic could lead to plastic pollution due to the basic property of plastic that made it so durable and take thousands of years to decomposed [1].

The overuse of plastic and plastic pollution could give a number of effects on the environment and ecosystem. The effect to the environment is the landfills of plastic wastage due to overuse of plastic because of it cheaper and easier to be obtained. Other than that, an open burning with plastic will release dangerous chemical gasses to the air and could lead to impotence, cancer, asthma and etc. other than that, an authorized disposal of plastics to the sea or river could harm the animals live inside it. From a research, the turtles mostly die because of the plastics that they consume because turtles were mistaken plastics as jellyfish. Besides that, another effect to the animals is the entanglement of plastics to the body of turtles, dolphin and etc. that could affect the animals growth.

There are several of ways that human can contribute to ensuring a smart usage of plastic to avoid plastic pollution. The easier ways to contribute is by shop friendly when shopping at the market to buy the needs for home, by having oneself shopping bag the usage of plastics can be reduced. Secondly, is to bring your own food container and drink bottle to reduce the usage of plastics from the packaging of your food and plastic bottle that cannot be reusable. Nonetheless, recycling is one of the vital ways that can help in reducing the usage of plastics because by recycling the plastics can be disposed of appropriately.

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