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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Many daily hassles have contributed to a certain level of stress in our lives. For life to continue or achieve the set objectives, then the hassle must be there, no way we can avoid them. If we can not avoid these hassles, then we can manage then responsively for our well being and sound health. Examples of the daily hassles are; regrets over past decisions, money worries or concerns and not enough time for family, relaxation or entertainment (Coon & Mitterer¦167). The pressures and demands that cause stress are called stressors.

There are so many life stressors including, death of a close family member for instance the mother, divorce, bad health or a changing behavior of a family member. There are various symptoms that are visible to enable recognize that he or she undergoing stress. Stress causes mental, physical and emotional duress. To get a handle in stress, one needs first to learn how to recognize it. Incase of these daily hassles, a person needs to get used to then and prepare his/her psyche that without them there may be no tomorrow.

If a person develops this mentality that the hassles are normal his /her conscious will not be bothering about the hassles. Incase of money, the rich who have the money are not satisfied, therefore a plan i. e. the budget in using the little money can save a person too much stress. The issue with lack of time to relax or be with family can solely be solved by good management of time resource and strictly adhere to the timetable or schedules. Issues of the past can easily be avoided by getting occupied actively in the wok place and or focusing in the future (Zautra¦. 93).

Stressors are the hardest to cope with but one must be occupied with no time to sit idle, talk to as many people as possible including counselors, pastors, close friends, workmates, and family members. To crown all these, physical exercises are commendable to any kind of stressor or stress (Cohen¦57).

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