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Published: 2020-02-19 19:52:01
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Lesson plan Pre-K/Kindergarten Objectives: Children will learn their ABCs by picture association and also learn the words that go along with it. Students use spoken, written and visual language to accomplish their own purposes (learning, enjoyment, persuasion and the exchange of information). GLE: . Demonstrate understanding of alphabetic principle by doing the following: ¢identifying own first name in print ¢identifying at least eight uppercase or lowercase letters, focusing on those in the students name (PK-LL-L3) (ELA-1-E1) Materials:

Alphabet cards with pictures on the front and the word on the back Introduction: Start out by going through the ABCs in different manners (songs, videos). Methods/Procedures: Once the children are clear on their alphabet, start with the cards. Each card should have a letter with a word on the other side. On the side with the letter there should a picture of what the word is on the other side. Have the students say the letter and then try to guess what the picture is. Once they have guessed the picture, show them the word and go through the spelling.

With this lesson students will learn not only new words and picture recognition. Plans for individual differences: I would take the special needs children to my desk one at a time so they could get a fair shot at recognizing the letters, pictures and words. They should still try with the whole class though. Also I will follow any accommodations listed on their IEP. Assessment/Evaluation: I would evaluate this activity by watching each child in the class. I would also set aside time to take each child to the side and go over a few words with them by themselves.

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