Leslie an Ugly Caterpillar Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Once upon a time, there was a little caterpillar called Leslie. She was an ugly caterpillar. She was fat and couldnt walk quickly. The only beautiful thing about her was she had agleam eyes. It was like two shining jewels. Leslie didnt live alone in Neverland, she lived with Bufo the bee, Pincher the locust and Binks the bumblebee. But no one wanted to be her friend. They always derided her as an ugly and fat insect. One day as usual in the morning she started finding some food in the tree. Leslie wanted to find green leaves for her breakfast, but she met her friends. Leslie was unwilling to meet them because she did want to be derided by them. Morning ugly Leslie said Bufo, Pincher and Binks together. They started to deride her. Then Leslie decided to leave them and tried to find other leaves in another branch. She began walking very slowly and their friends pursued her. They derided her again. We can fly wherever I wanna go said Bufo and Binks.

And I can jump everytime and it doesnt need long time to move said Pincher. And what can you do? Your walk is slowly, and your work is only eating. It makes your body fat and cant walk quickly said them. Leslie stopped her walk Dont judge me, if you dont know about me. Please stop your derition said Leslie. Leslie cried and went away. Suddenly Leslie slipped and fell down. In the ground there was ants colony, they found caterpillar fell from the tree. They overwhelm Leslie, bit and dragged her to their house. Leslie tried to fight for her life. She would never die before she changed herself to a beautiful butterfly. She streched her body but she cant, so many ants were beside her. She screamed in pain and asked for help to her friends but her friends just looked at her. They couldnt do anything and they dicided to fly and went away. She was never desperated, she continued to strech until the ants inattentive and she fleed.

She ran away very quickly as possible as she could. Finally with all of her sefforts she could flee and was safe from ants colony. Leslie decided to move on another tree, she couldnt live with her friends who didnt like her. On the way Leslie cried and complained to God Oh my God. I always pray for you, but why you give me this. Im not sure, I can exceed it complained Leslie to her God. Leslie was angry with the God because the God didnt care with her. In her heart she asked a question why the God predestined her as an ugly caterpillar. Then she saw a dragonfly tried to fly, her wings were broken. She tried and tried again, but she couldnt. She cried but she couldnt do anything. Leslie felt mercy with her but didnt brave enough to approach her. Leslie decided to leave the dragonfly. What have I done, oh my God forgive me said leslie in her heart. She realized her fault. She shouldnt complain to the God. The God had given herb many luxuriou things to her since she was born until now but Leslie even violated the fate.

She was lucky because she was safe from ants colony that wanted to eat her and she could fly if she changed into butterfly unlike the dragonfly that couldnt fly anymore. Finally Leslie found her new house in small tree, she could eat the leaves as many as she wanted. Then she grown and stopped eating, she became a pupa, after a week she became a beautifull butterfly with agleam eyes. She could fly and went back to the old tree for meeting her friends Bufo, Pincher and Bitchs. They were suprised with Leslie. They didnt know her , but they knew the agleam eyes was Leslies eyes. All of her friend felt jealous and said sorry to Leslie. They asked Leslie to live with them in the tree again and Leslie agreed with their request. Now Leslie lived happily and had friends who cared with her.

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